Friday Food – Super Bowl Snacks


Whether you’re watching the Big Game or the Commercials, a big part of your Super Bowl Sunday afternoon is food. In our family, we always have snacks and appetizers for dinner with the occasional pizza now and then.

Some years we’ve done a nice selection of homemade snacks like pigs in blankets, waffles and chicken, soft pretzels, deep dish loaded mashed potato pizza, and mini cheesecakes.

This year our primary caterer will be Trader Joe’s. The following is our menu for this year’s Super Bowl Sunday.

  • Dill Dip to go along with pretzels, chips, and veggies as well as cheese and crackers. Our favorite veggies are cucumbers, sugar snap peas, raw green beans, baby carrots, grape tomatoes.
  • Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken on toothpicks.
  • Hebrew National Mini Hot Dogs in Blankets with mustard.
  • Pork Gyoza Pot Stickers (from Trader Joe’s)
  • Vegetable and/ or Chicken Tikka Samosas (from Trader Joe’s)
  • Chicken Spring Rolls (from Trader Joe’s)
  • Mini Beef Meatballs in Teriyaki sauce on toothpicks.
  • Cupcakes for dessert.
Super Bowl Sunday Snack Foods. (More pics on Sunday.)

Friday Food: Super, Simple Super Bowl Snacks


With New Year’s just past and the Super Bowl coming up in a few short weeks (Feb. 2), I thought I’d share some of my family’s easy to prepare foods. For New Year’s this past week, we actually cooked very little. Most of our food was simple, store-bought, easy to prepare, easy to clean up, and best of all, yummy.

1. Dip. We love the dill dip from Marzetti. It can be found in the refrigerated area of your grocery’s produce section. We like to pair it up with a variety of items to dip, including: pretzels, crackers, bread chunks, raw snow peas, raw green beans, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, potato chips. If you want to dress up your table, scoop out the insides of a round bread loaf and put the dip inside. Looks great, no clean up!

2. Hot dogs wrapped in crescent roll dough. You can buy these premade (we like the Hebrew National ones) or you can make them yourself. I’d recommend cutting the hot dogs in three, and cutting each crescent roll triangle in two. You get twice as many little dogs and it’s not over doughy.

3. Mini quiches or mini potato puffs. Again, you can buy these premade or make them yourself. For either of these, use a mini muffin tin. Put in a puff pastry square and add your ingredients. For quiches: eggs, cheese, onion, bacon. For potato puffs: mashed potatoes, bacon, cheese. Delicious.

4. Cheese and crackers. In addition to cheese cut in chunks, there are also cheese spreads that are very good on crackers. Add pepperoni to the platter for a little extra.

5. Dessert. Break and bake chocolate chip cookies. Brownie bites. Ice cream. Mini cheesecakes are also an excellent option. Use those mini muffin tins again. Put some crushed graham crackers in the bottom, use your favorite cheesecake recipe, add whipped cream when serving.

Favorite Super Bowl 50 Ads


There didn’t seem to be a huge variety of commercials. Maybe it’s getting too expensive. I found the Amy Schumer, Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd commercial funny and the Hulk/Antman was also a good one. Esurance was also unexpected and funny. I’ve included my three favorites below.

Clever and unexpected from a local company in Upstate New York, Death Wish Coffee:

What I thought was the funniest ad, from Doritos:

This ad about Native Americans was touching and poignant, and thought-provoking. Please watch and share, Proud to Be:

Fandom Friday – Supernatural vs. Super Bowl


Dean: We’re on the one-yard line here.

KevinAnd, I should have told you this six months ago, but the sports metaphors? You want to motivate me? Magic cards, Skyrim, Aziz Ansari.

Dean: What? Yeah, I don’t know what those words mean.

The definitions so you’re not as clueless as Dean Winchester on this Super Bowl 50 weekend:

Magic cards


Aziz Ansari

Super Bowl Commercials


For those of us who are not sports fans, or at least not sports fanatics, we watch the game for the camaraderie, the food and, of course, the commercials.

My all time favorite commercial is the Mean Joe Greene Coca-Cola ad. They’re revisiting it with Mean Joe and Tommy Okon, the original kid who catches his jersey. Here’s the original:

Look for the new one on Super Bowl Sunday.

Death Wish Coffee is a local company here in upstate New York who won a Super Bowl commercial slot, sponsored by Intuit Quickbooks. Check them out:

Looking forward to all of the new ones!

Travel – Santa Clara, CA


Santa Clara lies about forty-five minutes from San Francisco. It’s Levi’s Stadium, ground broken in 2011, and completed in 2014 is the site of this year’s Super Bowl. Super Bowl 50 will be held next Sunday, February 7th between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. Having friends in both places, I’m at an impasse as to who to cheer on, although the Panthers are in the lead according to my childhood panther, Harvey whose growling can be heard from the living room sofa. As if there was a question, ha!

Santa Clara was incorporated in 1852 after being founded in 1777. Its patron, St. Clare was honored by naming the eighth mission in the California’s 21 Missions. Santa Clara University was built around it and currently contains the mission house and the gardens. The mission, Mission Santa Clara de Asis is currently the chapel at Santa Clara University, originally formed by the Society of Jesus as Santa Clara College, the first higher learning institution in California.

Visit the Silicon Valley Central Convention Center &
Visitors Bureau for ideas on what to see and where to go while you’re in the Bay Area. If that isn’t enough, check out 50 Things to Do in Santa Clara.

The city is also home to several Silicon Valley businesses as well as the Levi’s Stadium being the home to the San Francisco 49ers, possibly to be joined by the Oakland Raiders in the next football season.

Levi’s Stadium, tagline Field of Jeans (oh, how I love a good pun) is obviously named for the iconic, Levi Strauss Company. Their about page on their company website details their history which fits in with how we think of American ingenuity and innovation.