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Personal Update: Apologies for Friday Food arriving so late. I’m hoping it is still Friday when it does get published. I fell again, this time tripping over a box, which I knew I was stepping around, and I was calling to my husband, holding my phone that my son was on, and my foot got tangled with the box and the box continued to sabotage me underfoot until I was facedown on the floor. If you’ve ever seen Seinfeld when George wants to be his latex salesman, you’ll get an accurate picture of what I looked like. Although I was wearing pants. Pretty, I know. I’m a little battered and bruised, but otherwise all right. I will probably take the rest of the weekend to rest and remind my feet that they are for walking, and standing upright.


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Quick Note: There is an update, an ETA if you will on my feelings for a post I made a few years ago on JK Rowling. I’ve left the link to her writing advice.

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