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This is the Landing Page for Griffins and Ginger Snaps. I’m about two days behind what I had planned and wanted to do this week. Obviously, real life intercedes, especially this week with the glorious weekend.

There may be a couple of days where there seems like more posts than you would like, but for the couple of series that are coming, they need to be started. I will try not to spam you follows, but I hope you’ll read what I publish, be informed, become aware of resources, and enjoy.

Really, enjoy. A weight has been lifted, and we should all take a moment to take that in and breathe.

Take the pause and then we have work to do. More coming on that soon. In the meantime…

Have some flowers. (c)2020

The 46th President of the United States will be Joe Biden.

Joe Biden will be inaugurated on Jan. 20th as the 46th President of the United States.

Kamala Harris will become the first woman, the first Black, the first Indian, Southeast Asian to be elected Vice President!

What a day! What a wonderful day!

Biden-Harris Transition Website

Getty Image. (c)2020

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