FAQ about Me


tree - scanned original - 6-28-14

Just the FAQs, ma’am:

1. To reach me, comment, message or email at kbwriting11@gmail.com. Use the subject line so I don’t assume it’s spam.

2. Suggestions and Feedback are always welcome as is constructive criticism.

3. My website/blog and writing is rated Mature/Teen +/Adult and should be considered NSFW. I don’t police my followers on my public blogs. By the same token, my Facebook policy is that I friend only people I know, and I don’t friend under 18s unless they’re family members or children of close friends. I have made two exceptions to this rule in my seven years online.

4. This is a spoiler zone. I will try to tag and use a read more cut, but that isn’t always possible on mobile, which is where I do most of my online communing. This includes, but is not limited to: Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Sense8, Parks & Recreation, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Daydverse, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham.

4a. I speak internet and fandom. For those times that both elude me, I have a working relationship with the Urban Dictionary and Google. I had both Tumblr and Twitter before my teenage son, which makes me the cool parent, although talking about it takes away some of my special snow-flakiness.

5. There is a difference between squicks and triggers. Please know yours. I do not intentionally try to trigger people, but I write honestly and try to give enough tags to give a feel for the topic.

6. Topics I write about: fandom, depression/anxiety, travel, writing, and my spiritual journey. Those are the big ones, and almost everything will relate in some way to one of those. I also write about mental health issues, money, food, kids&parenting, education, domestic violence, reproductive rights, social issues, and politics.

6a. I’ll mention my religion since I so often talk and write about it. I was born and raised Jewish. As a child, we observed all the holidays. I went to religious school for six years, four of which I loved. We learned traditions, songs, food, and culture. It was wonderful. In 2012, through crisis I was drawn to the Catholic Church and discovered how much the church matched up to my own mindfulness that was with me for my entire life. I was baptized in 2014.I would consider myself very religious even though my views don’t always match up to doctrine.

My spirit believes in fate, past lives, and we meet people for a reason as well as my soul’s home is from North Wales.

7. I fully support Planned Parenthood, single payer health care, and equal civil rights for all. More to add in this section, clearly.

8. Current obsessions/inspirations: Norman Reedus, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Misha Collins.

9. First Fandom: Star Trek

10. I have degrees in elementary education and educational issues as well as minors in political science and medieval studies. I’ve taught for more than a decade in the Early Childhood field and am state certified to teach nursery school through 6th grade and social studies, grades 7-12.

10a. My opinions come from my wide variety of experiences. I taught for the US Navy in their MWR department for child development. I was a member and participant in the SCA, a medieval reenactment group. I published their newsletters as well as educational newsletters for parents. I published and sold a Travel Organizer and currently in the midst of writing two books in various stages – one about my not-so-great home-buying experience, and another on Wales.

When my friend was murdered in 2011 by her ex, I became a strong voice against domestic violence. We shouldn’t have to wait for violence to touch us in order to speak out.

11. When I think I am nothing, I remember all the things I have expertise in, and all the things I do that I don’t necessarily have expertise in, but still love and enjoy and can share with others.

12. My Pay Pal is kbwriting11@gmail.com


This is basic and I will add to it as warranted.

All content on this website is the sole property (intellectual and tangible) unless otherwise stated of kbwriting and all pseudonyms. All content is copyrighted to kbwriting, including essays, non-fiction and fiction works, fan fiction to the extent that they can be copyrighted, photographs, recipes, original artwork and any other content posted or linked to not expressly stated to be otherwise.

Any non-original artwork and photographs are either used under the Creative Commons guidelines or with permission granted from the author/artist.

Art and photographs

The griffin used on the home page and the Tree of Life on this page were both commissioned from artist, Andrew Blake.

All photographs and artwork not otherwise attributed are copy-written to me and my blog.

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