June: School’s Out: Photo/Art


The photo on the right randomly happened when putting spaghetti into the pot to boil for dinner. It struck me as an interesting compostion so I photographed it.

Weeks later, I thought it would make an interesting coloring array, so I repeated the composition in six different colors using Sharpie markers and then coloring over it with matching colored pencils.

It made me think of Warhol, without the obvious talent.

It was enjoyable and relaxing, and I’m thinking about doing it again with a different subject.

Abstract Art. I’m calling it Spaghetti-Warhol. (c)2018

Abstract Art. (c)2018

June: School’s Out: Reflection


School’s Out, but the Learning Continues

My daughter’s already got a list going for the summer activities she wants to complete. Most of it is based on past years and I’m sure some will coordinate with her Snapchat and soon to be Instagram, but that’s okay. She has a soon to be instagram, but that’s okay. She has a good eye. For now, she wants to be a fashion designer, but photography is good in almost any field; I use it for my writing.

Starting next week, school’s ot, but the learning goes on. Everything is a teachable moment, from organizing the clutter coming home from school lockers and desks to cooking and gardening.

Yesterday, I gave my two younger kids a homework assignment. Before June 21st, give me a list of five things you want to do this summer. Three of them must be free. Then add a sixth item with a suggestion of where you might want to take vacation this summer. No airplanes, car trip only, and this is not a guarantee of having a vacation.

Once I get their list, I’ll have them research their vacation item and create a budget.

In addition to that, we also will continue to have our Movie Day each week, two or three taste testings, art and journaling, bicycle rides, tending the yard, and a local history lesson.

What are some of the ways you’re still learning this summer?

June: School’s Out: Recipe


​For the past several summers, my kids have enjoyed taste testing. They’ve already asked about it this year, and school isn’t quite finished yet. I would go to the supermarket and pick out three to five new foods to try, usually exotic fruits that they didn’t typically get on a regular basis. I’d only get one of each and cut them into pieces for each of us to have a taste. If we really liked something, we’d go back to the store for more.

This is truly a great summer activity. Try new foods, offer healthy choices, add to our vocabulary, increase kitchen skills, and tick another day off the countdown back to school. At this age, the kids join me about halfway through wanting to return to their friends and schedules.

Not everything will go over well. My son desperately wanted anchovies. We ordered a pizza with two slices only with anchovies. The picture of his face is priceless and still makes me laugh. Just mentioning the word anchovy makes his whole face scrunch up. He did not like them at all.

Here is a list (below the cut) of some of the things we’ve tried, some we’re still thinking about fot this year, and suggestions for your own taste test day.

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June: School’s Out


School’s Out. Art by kbwriting. (c)2018

I think the picture sums up June neatly. As a family, we’re getting ready for the release of the kids for the summer, planning, praying, cajoling for kids to get along, not be bored, read, be creative, active, and so many other things not thought of yet.

June is here, and summer is coming.

Are you ready?

Getting Ready for Summer Recess


This is the last full week the kids are in school for the year. I need to get the house ready for kids to be home 24/7.

Find the books, check out Pinterest, line up some movies, think about our summer food tasting and hide the snacks and cereal where they can’t be devoured on the first day of summer.

Those of you with kids, what are your plans for when school’s out?

For those of you without kids, is there anything that you do each summer that is only a summer thing?

School’s Out. Almost.


DSCN8465 DSCN8738


The top picture is one that I took at my recent Diocesan enrichment. I love photos from different perspectives. I learned how during a workshop at the last writer’s conference I went to sponsored by the IWWG. It was given by author/photographer Carren Strock and she taught us about focusing our eyes, taking things from different angles, photos through things, etc. Personally, I love doors, and take several pictures of doors wherever I go.

The second photo was taken by my son. He recently visited the state capital and this was my favorite picture. He loved the architechture and the chandaliers and pillars, and I loved hearing him describing how he viewed it all and why he choose to take certain pictures from certain angles.

It’s kind of neat to see things that I do, but don’t talk about getting taken over by my kids. It’s that reminder that they are always hearing and learning whether we, as adults realize it or not. It’s good to remember.

Today is the big office clean up, and the beginning of my summer writing project of a vignette for each of the special things that I mentioned in my journal submission about my office. I will also finish my memoir homework for Tuesday’s class – the last until the Fall.

Monday, I’m going to the printing place and hope that they can get me a nice print of the cell phone photo of the tree sketch that is lost in the mail. I am also going to try to hunt down the photos from the Easter Vigil, so I can get some of those printed. I was going to do that yesterday, but things didn’t work out.

I will also attempt to phone two friends, possibly meet with one before the kids get out of school.

Monday also begins the last full week of school. Not horrified, but not ready for summer break.

I’m laying carrots down for the Fall. I can get there. Right? Right?

Saw Frozen last night. I really liked it although there were some parts that I thought less of. All in all a good movie and as I mentioned I had no idea of spoilers so it was kind of cool to see something that I had no idea at all of the storyline.

After seeing the gifset three times in the last two days, I want to see The Devil Wears Prada. I’m going to see if Redbox offers it (we don’t have Netflix anymore), and hopefully I can borrow it on Wednesday and watch it.

I’m trying to be more consistent. Any advice for that or any prompts, fiction or non-fiction, writing or photography, hit me up.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there: dads, stepdads, uncles, godfathers (*waves*), father figures. Have a beautiful weekend.