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​I have been very fortunate in my choices of transportation carriers. So far, I’ve had very little to complain about, and after seeing several passenger events online that could best be described as unsatisfactory, I truly know how lucky I’ve been. At home, my preferred mode of transportation is to drive. My second favorite mode would probably be by train. I really loved my long distance train trip a few years ago with Amtrak.

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Fear the Walking Dead – A Review


Last Sunday was the premiere of both a spinoff and a prequel.The dichotomy of that intrigues me. It is both the past and the future, and of course, remains in the present.

Fear the Walking Dead comes from the creators of The Walking Dead, even taking its time slot until its return, Sunday nights at 9pm on AMC.

Fear the Walking Dead takes place in Los Angeles, California, right at the outbreak, the ramifications.of which we’ve been watching for the last five seasons. LA has never heard of the walkers and think what they are witnessing is a flu outbreak.


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Movie Wednesday – Annie




This is one of those surprising movies that my son and daughter both like. Usually, they’re at each other’s throats disagreeing over the week’s movie. There are only a handful that they both love and request with equal fervor.

I know there was some controversy with the casting of this reboot, but I personally happen to think the cast is perfect. I remember glancing at the comic strip as a child, but I don’t remember the original Broadway show or movie with Victor Garber.

What I found in this modern take were the small tributes to the original story, and how easily this story was adapted for the modern viewer. I loved Annie commenting on how big her hair was. I looked at my kids and told them that the original Annie also had big hair.

She is a sweet, optimistic girl who likes everyone and believes the best of them. She’s certain that her parents are coming back, and she waits outside the restaurant where they left her.

She infects Will Starks with her bubblyness and it changes him for the better. He reminisces with her about how he grew up, and he really cares about her.

It’s a heartwarming, hopeful movie with a great and familiar soundtrack. I love that I had enough musicals in my childhood that their bursting into song was normal. My son wasn’t used to it and he asked why no one in the backround noticed that they were suddenly singing and dancing in the middle of the city street. I think I’ll introduce him to some old classics like The Sound of Music and West Side Story.

I’ve seen this version of Annie twice and we’re rewatching it this afternoon before we have to return it to Redbox. I don’t find it tiresome at all.

Jamie Foxx and Quevenzhane Wallis made a fantastic pair. The supporting cast was also superb. I especially liked Adewale Akinnuoyep-Agbaje as Mr. Stark’s driver who has a good sense of humor and a fondness for Annie. In fact, everyone has a fondness for Annie except for the bad guys, which should give you a clue that they are bad guys. How can anyone have a bad thing to say about her?

This is one of my favorite movies that I’ve seen this year.

Week 49/14


PromptWrite about what you miss most from your teen years. …Twenties. …Thirties. …Forties. …Etc. What is the worst thing about  getting older? The best? What have you given up that you regret giving up?

Photo: Then and Now-ish

QuotationI grabbed a pile of dust, and holding it up, foolishly asked for as many birthdays as the grains of dust, I forgot to ask that they be years of youth. – Ovid, Metamorphoses

Happy Birthday. You have a free pastry at Panera. – my son

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Week 47/14 Review


PromptWhat is the one thing you regret doing (or not doing) in a bullying situation?

What is the one thing that you are proud of that you either did or didn’t do in a bullying situation?

Photo: Belonging Place

QuotationI thought how unpleasant it is to be locked out; and I thought how it is worse, perhaps, to be locked in. – Virginia Woolf

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