The Walking Dead – Theories and Ep. 4 Review



A good television show will ask as many questions as it answers. As we approached this past Sunday’s The Walking Dead, we knew there would be no answers for those of us wondering about Glenn’s fate. Fans have spent the week on both sides of the veil, equal in their confidence that Glenn was dead and that Glenn was alive.

Schrodinger’s Glenn if you will.

I am one of those who, despite my conviction that Glenn is alive, still watched the two minutes and twenty-six seconds over and over again to find any lingering clues. Each time, it made me well up, not only with the thought of Glenn dying, which he eventually must (maybe), but also being caught up in the emotion that Glenn feels watching Nicholas die. Not only die, but being ripped apart piece by bloody piece.

He watched Aidan, he watched Noah, and that was after Eugene’s lies came to light, after they found Beth and lost her moments later. How much more can he take without losing his mind? Without succumbing to the new world, and embracing the heartless mode of survival. I heard a YouTuber say that regardless of Glenn’s fate, a part of him will have died that day under Nicholas’ body. I agree. I’m not sure that he will ever be the fresh-faced, optimistic kid we saw in season 1 or the shy, smitten boy who fell in love with the farmer’s daughter in season 2.

Either way, the Glenn we knew is gone. Maybe he can come back. I’ve been pretty off with all of my predictions this season, but I still like to talk it out.

In previewing the scenes for episode 5, I don’t think we’ll find out then either. It looks like Michonne talks to Maggie and she and Aaron head out to find Glenn, so the writers will keep their secret for at least another week. My AMC newsletter emails tease with tithes of Maggie learns about Glenn. Maggie learns Glenn’s fate. Ha! She’ll just be told that he was left behind with Nicholas. They might give us a tease at the very end but even then I think they will hide Glenn’s fate from us, like Daryl in Chupacabra where Andrea thought he was a walker by his gait. We’ll get a stumbling Glenn from behind, covered in blood of course. I still think he’s alive.

My understanding, from a leaked preview of episode 6 is that it’s a Daryl episode. I have mixed feelings about this. Out of many favorites and an exceptional cast, Daryl is my favorite, so a Daryl centric episode is awesome. However, as I’ve written, if not published yet, Daryl is a quiet character. He introspects. He is most often seen in regard to other characters. While he has his own ways, he is reflective of the people around him. I’m always interested in where they’ll take his character, but it also gives us another week where we don’t know Glenn’s fate. (He’s alive, we know he’s alive, just tell us dammit!) We’re also getting closer to the mid-season finale, and I’m hoping there won’t be a cliffhanger regarding Glenn.

I was happy with the Morgan episode. I think Morgan is a fantastic character. He’s been a good guy since the beginning, his conscience and personality warring against this new world. I understand his need not to kill anymore, but this Wolf Man….I don’t think he can be redeemed. It’s too much to ask. He’s not just too far gone, he’s gone too far. And does anyone really think that Rick will let him live once he finds out about him? Or Carol? The only one who might be on his side is Daryl. Aaron might have been willing to listen but finding his photos in the Wolf’s pack is going to do a number on his own conscience.

The Alexandrians weren’t finished mourning Reg, and now there’s more mourning as well as a real adjustment to the way they will now live their lives.

I’ve also heard (SPOILERS) about a kiss between Jessie and Rick. I don’t know if this referred to the peck on her cheek from the cocktail party or a new kiss, but if I haven’t made my feelings clear I am completely against a relationship between them. It begins with the actors non-chemistry and moves quickly to he killed her husband and her son hates him for that. She should be a parent first. I’ll hop off my Jessie soapbox until I see something that boils my blood and makes me scream out.

Until then, it’s dinner and the show. Enjoy.

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