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Daryl Dixon in The Next World (The Walking Dead Meta, 6.10)



The Next World is one of the best showcases how much Daryl has both changed and not changed in six years. The way he looks at Denise and Eugene while they’re explaining what they need from him is priceless. He wants it written down for a reason. He doesn’t have the patience for the explanation. He also doesn’t  cut them off. He lets them talk, no matter how long it takes for them. He says okay to Denise and thanks to Eugene.

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Fandom Friday – The Walking Dead’s Mid-Season Return


This is an excellent article that includes commentary, interviews, photos, and a video interview with Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln. The video also includes some behind the scenes antics from their (Norman and Andy) TV Guide Cover shoot.

There are also SPOILERS. You have been warned.

For example, some of the pics show people who are alive that might be questionable when last we saw them.

The Walking Dead Returns With Chaos, Brutality and ‘the Biggest Hardships Ever’ – TV Insider

I will share my favorite part from the article – consider this a behind the scenes spoiler – in the first half of season 6 when Daryl gets his bike and crossbow stolen, Norman said he was pissed; like, really pissed. That’s his bike. No one rides that bike but him!

On a meta note, I can’t imagine that he doesn’t get it back. Classified Moto just custom made that bike for him on the show. Check out these behind the building of the bike that aired/posted when the character was putting together the pieces that Aaron salvaged on screen.

Creative Presents


My son collaborated with his Dad (at least his Dad’s debit card) to make me a mini Lego figure of Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. He designed it himself. Then they both made the poncho on our home printer without letting me see. It’s a superb job. He used mgfcustoms for the construction.


Standing behind mini Daryl is a cup designed by my daughter. My family got me Lindt chocolate truffles and as it turns out, two bags of those fit perfectly into a Trenta sized Starbucks cup that my daughter saved, washed, and decorated.


Chocolate Caramel and White Chocolate; my favorites.