Talyn’s Heroic Journey in #Farscape Is Now Available on Kindle


The writer is the friend of a friend. This caught my eye because Farscape was one of those shows that I missed along the way. My husband’s friend sent us his DVD set of the series when he finished with it, and it still took us a few years to get to it.

I felt that the show had its issues, but that was my nitpickyness of being a longtime science fiction in space fan. It felt like a cross between Star Trek and Babylon 5. There was a good ensemble cast, unusual characters who didn’t fit their stereotypes, a home on the ship, friendship, and a good story.It was futuristic and modern.

One of the arcs that I found interesting was Talyn’s story. For those who are unfamiliar with the show, Talyn is a ship. He is a living ship and the hybrid offspring of the living ship, Moya, that the crew travels on. His story is unusual, and I was so excited to see Natacha’s book about his journey.

It is now available on Kindle, and I’m looking forward to reading it and seeing how close my own thoughts mesh with hers.


Natacha Guyot

Do you like Farscape? Do unlikely heroes interest you? Are redemption stories compelling to you? Then, you’ll probably want to check out my eBook, Talyn’s Heroic Journey in Farscape:

Created in 1999 by Rockne S. O’Bannon, the Science Fiction television series Farscape focuses on the eclectic crew of a living ship called Moya. One of the supporting characters, Talyn, is Moya’s hybrid offspring, is born at the end of the first season and also experiences his own heroic journey.

Since the show belongs to the Science Fiction genre, it is interesting to study how a non-human character that isn’t even humanoid might become a hero. While cyborg and alien heroes have existed in Science Fiction narratives of many kinds, it remains rather rare that a space ship, even alive and sentient, is given significant character development.

Three elements are of particular significance in the analysis of hybrid’s heroic…

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Medical I.D.s


For those of you with “dumb” phones, you can also add a contact name, ICE (in case of emergency) and list who you want medical professionals to call. In the notes of that contact you can include allergies and medications as well as medical conditions.

In addition, I use an app called MediSafe that reminds me to take and keeps track of my medications.

You can find it in the Google Play Store or on iTunes.

Do I Look Sick?

Happy July 4th everyone! On big holidays like this it’s important to stay safe. If you have a chronic illness, there’s another important step to take in addition to calling an uber if you’re drinking and making sure to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated- you should have a medical I.D.

Luckily it’s pretty easy to not leave home without one in this age of smartphones. In fact, if you have an iPhone, you already have one built in, you just need to fill it out.

Check out the app with the little heart. You’ve probably used it to check out how many steps you’ve taken in a day.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the words Medical I.D.

It’s as simple as clicking it and filling in your information. Then your medical I.D. Can be viewed from the emergency mode by medical professionals even if the screen is…

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Anzac Commemoration: 100 Years


Written and photographed by my friend in New Zealand, I’ll repeat: Lest we forget.

Tripping the Light Fantastic

Anzac Day 2015

This weekend has been an important day to New Zealand, Australia, and Turkey.

On 25 April, 1915, the British (and their allies) decided to invade the peninsular overlooking the Dardenelle Straights to enable their ships access the Black Sea after the Ottoman Empire joined the Central Alliance.

On this day, young New Zealand and Australian soldiers were sent to capture strategic targets on the Gallipoli Peninsula. This was a very grim battle, with the Ottoman Empire defending their lands, under the command of Kemal Atatürk, now celebrated as  the Father of Turkey.

Losses were heavy on both sides, and after 8 months, the troops withdrew without securing the initial goals.

This year, marking 100 years since, has been important to New Zealand, Australia, and Turkey, with services to commemorate all the soldiers killed in this tragic and futile campaign.

The affect on New Zealand (and Australia) was…

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Buttermilk Pecan Pie for National Pie Day


Happy National Pie Day (I thought that was March 14th.) I can’t remember the first time I had pecan pie. My parents didn’t eat it so it must have been from a friend or my mother in law.

I think my favorite would be apple pie, but even more so Dutch Apple pie. Yum.

Splendid Recipes and More

Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is an American dessert that is native to the southern states  (USA). The history of the pecan pie is not very clear, though pecan pie took off in popularity in the early 20th century. The pie has its place as a dessert at most American dinner tables.

Pecan pie has a sweet, nutty flavor and a custard texture that no other pie can claim. Pecan pie is one of the most frequently eaten pies in the country, next to Apple pie.

The pecan tree is indigenous to North America and grows throughout much of the southern United States. With such wide spread growth of the pecan trees , the early French settlers in the then known Louisiana territory had invented the pecan pie.

Today the southern states harvest over 250 million pounds of pecans each year, with Texas and Georgia pecan groves claiming the majority of…

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You Clean Up Good – 8 Hygiene Tricks for People with Body Issues


This was written by a friend of mine, and he’s given me permission to share it with you.

For whatever reason that you find it hard to clean up (one of my sporadic issues (I do have more than one) is that I have a water phobia, and the act of getting in the shower is just too much sometimes, and to be honest, that is minor compared to others’ reactions), these eight tricks and tips might be helpful.

PTSD, traumatic memories, abuse, scars, eating disorders, phobias, delusions, anxiety, body image issues, gender or other dysmorphia…there are plenty of reasons that for some people, naked is HARD.  And forced to confront your naked body directly enough to clean it is HARDER.  But life doesn’t have a lot of room for people who struggle with basic hygiene, and even if you don’t deal with other people, there is a point where if you don’t clean yourself, you become at risk for skin infections and other issues, so I thought I’d offer a few tips, some from personal experience, some from my therapist because this is a thing I’ve struggled with myself:

  1. Love your products.For me, it’s LUSH stuff.  I love the way that shit smells, the way it feels, the textures, the colors, everything.  Even the company policies and marketing.  I want to smell like that and put it all over me.  If you’re already struggling, you don’t need to be gagging on the smell or shuddering from the texture of dollar store body wash.  If there’s any way you can afford it or find free samples or anything, use whatever products you love most.
  2. Distance yourself.If touching your body bothers you, use a loofa, a puff, or a brush instead of your bare hand or a thin cloth or mitt.
  3. Turn the lights off and cover the mirrors.It may seem silly, but sometimes just not seeing can help.  If you can’t do it in the dark or if total dark freaks you out, try a candle (outside the shower) or nightlight. Mirrors should be self explanatory, especially because bathroom light is often very unflattering.
  4. Don’t tempt yourself.If you have a history of or urges towards self harm, don’t have razors, scrubs, or harsh sponges/scrubbers in the shower or in easy reach after.
  5. Distract yourself.Get a waterproof case for your phone.  Sing in the shower.  Draw on the wall with soap crayons.  Draw on YOU with soap crayons.  Have an audiobook.  Use the time to drill yourself on trivia, prep for a test, or work on that thing you’re writing.  Try to remember the alphabet backwards in another language.
  6. Ink up.If you can and are so inclined, consider getting one or more tattoos.  They can give you a real sense of positive ownership of your body, and you can focus on the art and its meaning when you see yourself naked rather than paying attention to the canvas.
  7. Set a timer.  Things are often a billion times more endurable if you know when they’ll end, having to rush can sometimes help keep you from dwelling on emotions, and it helps prevent zoning out and getting the shitty surprise when the hot water runs out.
  8. Make it necessary.  Paint on yourself or sharpie on yourself.  Pour on something with a gross texture like lube or vegetable oil.  Put paint in your hair.  The focus on getting ____ off can help, and it makes it harder to keep finding reasons to not.

Sometimes, though it’s not going to happen.  So consider a dry shampoo or dry body wash, a quick change of clothes, some extra deodorant, a spritz of body spray, some powder, and try again tomorrow.  You’re not a failure because today didn’t happen, and succeeding tomorrow is not lessened by today.

And if you do it, reward yourself.  You deserve it.  You did the thing and it was a hard thing, and that’s awesome.


Source: Andrew Blake (http://andythanfiction.tumblr.com/post/92761622197/you-clean-up-good-8-hygiene-tricks-for-people-with)