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Anzac Commemoration: 100 Years


Written and photographed by my friend in New Zealand, I’ll repeat: Lest we forget.

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Anzac Day 2015

This weekend has been an important day to New Zealand, Australia, and Turkey.

On 25 April, 1915, the British (and their allies) decided to invade the peninsular overlooking the Dardenelle Straights to enable their ships access the Black Sea after the Ottoman Empire joined the Central Alliance.

On this day, young New Zealand and Australian soldiers were sent to capture strategic targets on the Gallipoli Peninsula. This was a very grim battle, with the Ottoman Empire defending their lands, under the command of Kemal Atatürk, now celebrated as  the Father of Turkey.

Losses were heavy on both sides, and after 8 months, the troops withdrew without securing the initial goals.

This year, marking 100 years since, has been important to New Zealand, Australia, and Turkey, with services to commemorate all the soldiers killed in this tragic and futile campaign.

The affect on New Zealand (and Australia) was…

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