Trump Used Her Slain Daughter to Rail Against illegal immigration. She Chose a Different Path.


We all have choices that we make on a daily basis on what kind of life and world we are leaving for our children. One of my intentions this year is to be conscious of what I take in and share.

This is more than a feel good story.

Mainly, because there is nothing about any of this that feels good. A woman has lost her daughter. A boy has lost his parents (in a different way). And our country has lost its way.

I can only  hope that it’s not too late for any of us.

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Election Reflection – Civics 101 or Dear Mr. President


Civics 101 is not something I would have expected to write for a President of the United States, but here we are – through the looking glass.
First, not receiving calls directly about citizens against DAPL doesn’t mean that everyone in the country is for it. In fact, I would hazard to guess that the President’s aides are not giving him the full picture of what’s going on in this country. More people are against it than are for it. In fact, this is the epitome of an example to show the President why we have conflict of interest laws. He should not be pushing forward on a pipeline that he will directly benefit from once it’s in place.

Second, you won’t receive phone calls if the phones at the White House switchboard are disconnected or turned off as has been reported.

Third, President Obama doesn’t like you. He’s just too polite to say it. You called him horrible things, said horrible things about his parents and his birth. He may forgive you, but I can guarantee he will not forget.

Fourth, and more importantly, there are Three Branches of Government. Three. There is a reason for that. It’s called checks and balances. They are co-equal. The Legislative Branch, ie. Congress, makes the laws. Watch Schoolhouse Rock’s How a Bill Becomes a Law. It will break it down into bite sized pieces for you. It can’t be more than three minutes. And they sing.

The Executive Branch signs the laws. He or she makes suggestions, and sets the agenda, the priorities for the country. The whole country. Not just the rich, white folks.

The Judicial Branch keeps it all in order. They determine what is and isn’t Constitutional. Yes, they can overrule the President. In fact, that’s kind of their job.

You’re not the boss anymore.

We the people are.

I’d recommend brushing up on this handy document in its original or a transcript.

Or the interactive version.

Election Reflection


​Well, it’s been six weeks since Election Day. I have been reading and sifting through news stories, and I cannot fathom a Trump presidency. Obviously, this is something that we all need to wrap our heads around because it’s here, and it’s here to stay.

That much is clear.

As much as I thought that perhaps the Republicans were true Americans and patriots, I think I am mistaken. Senators John McCain and Chuck Schumer led the fight to investigate Russia’s election interference amid rank and file Republicans, the Trump transition team, and President-Elect Trump himself decrying the partisanship and sour grapes.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this embarrassed for my country in my life.

Now, Sen. McConnell and Rep. Ryan have jumped on board, but I fear that their acquiescence is simply to slow things down. They weren’t interested before, and they had seen the intelligence briefings, so what changed?

We, the people, spoke up and said, No.

Now, we have transition members meeting with an Austrian opposition group founded by the Nazis. Not neo-Nazis, not alt-right, but the literal, actual Nazis.

We’re already fighting with China.

Mr. Trump’s sons are selling access to him one day after the inauguration for millions of dollars. For charity. Yeah, like all their other charitable works.

Trump has admitted to buying hedgefund stock in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and his Secretary of Treasury Designee announced one day after his nomination that his intention is to privatize them both. Do you have any idea how much money the President-Elect made from that announcement and the stock going up.

He tweeted about Boeing and Lockheed Martin and their stocks went down. And people bought them up at bargain prices. Some people began to sell their stock right before the tweet. Boeing lost $4 Billion in less than an hour.

Now, we’ll allow insider trading, I guess because according to Newt Gingrich, it’s not Trump, it’s the constraining ethics laws that need changing. Or ignoring.

He hasn’t had a press conference since the middle of July.

This presidency is already a disaster.

Has anyone seen what’s going on in North and South Carolina? NC stripped the incoming governor of his powers because the Republican governor lost. SC is trying to pass a law that you must pay a $20 fee to access pornography on a newly bought computers

What’s happening to our first amendment?

Merry Christmas shouldn’t be used as a dagger. My priest says Happy Holidays, and everyone he’s talking to from the pulpit is Catholic for crying out loud. Is he being politically correct?

I’m stunned.

I’m speechless.

I’m worried, and frightened, and have much more to say in smaller, bite-sized chunks.

For now, sleep well. The holidays are here, and it is family time. Everything else will come when it comes. Right now, it’s time to take a breath and look at what we are being called to in the new year.

Clinton-Kaine 2016


Today was a big news day on all fronts. The Republican National Convention concluded last night with its nomination of Donald J. Trump.

Jon Stewart returned to political television with a no-holds barred commentary, not just on Donald Trump but on the Republican establishment who relished in their hypocrisy and fear-mongering.

The Walking Dead dropped its season 7 teaser trailer at the San Diego Comic Con, and while of course, the trailer and the panel told us nothing of who died at the end of season 6 and Negan’s bat, it gave us so much to ponder for the next three months and one day that I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us, not to mention the horrifying new walkers previewed on Greg Nicotero’s Instagram.

Last but not least, Hillary Clinton chose Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia to run as her Vice President on the Democratic ticket.

I’ve been a fan of Tim Kaine for a long time. For some weird unknown reason, several of the Virginia politicians followed me for a short time on Twitter including the lieutenant governor under Sen. Kaine and the now governor, Terry McAuliffe.

Choosing Sen. Kaine was a good choice. He looks like a safe choice, but the reality was that Hillary Clinton had an overabundance of good choices and he may appeal to some of the moderate Republicans that were lukewarm at a Mike Pence VP.

When I heard Tom Vilsack’s name earlier this week, I knew immediately he was a red herring. Iowa. is not a state that Dems desperately need, although all states are important. He’s also too conservative for the Bernie Sanders’ supporters. WHile Tim Kaine isn’t as liberal as they might like, he appeals to several demographics across the board.

Personally, I was on Team Castro. I’ve been following Julian Castro’s career after hearing him speak at the Democratic National Convention in 2012, I believe it was.

Cory Booker and Sherrod Brown were great Progressive choices, and I’m a big fan of both, but in relinquishing their senate seats, the Republican governors in New Jersey and Ohio, respectively would have appointed someone of their own party, and we need them in the Senate.

The Senate also needs Elizabeth Warren to stay there and keep a fire lit under the Republicans.

Tim Kaine is a family man, more conservative than the rest of this list (with the exception of Vilsack), but is also progressive on issues of equal rights (LGBT+) and equal access (women’s reproduction). He speaks his mind, but does so without insults or hyperbole. He’s an optimist, which is something this country needs right now. He’s from Virginia, a southern swing state that has both liberal and conservative citizens, urban and rural areas, military and private sector and a variety of socio-economic people. It is a good state to look to for a microcosm of the country as a whole.

The most important qualification, however is would he make a good president if the need arose? Absolutely, yes.

Let. me know your thoughts on this team that really is Stronger Together. I have no qualms whatsoever at supporting them 100%.

Clinton-Kaine, 2016

First Week of Summer Vacation


First week of summer vacation.

We are disorganized, cluttered, unmotivated and all the bad things that come along with a summer with no direction for now.

Next week starts summer school for two of the kids, which will give child #2 some alone time and Mommy some quiet time either at the library or the coffee shop for an hour or so on the two days that I don’t have Mass.

This summer, we have 4-6 weeks of summer school, one week each of ‘camp’ and one week of vacation Bible school for the younger two.

I don’t think I mentioned it here, but about four weeks ago, my mother in law (who is 80) was hit by a car. It was, and remains very serious and she has already had multiple surgeries for her multiple broken bones and scrapes. She is doing very well, much better than anyone expected, but we know what a tough person she is, so we are grateful for her health up until this point.

We are trying to sort out some money to see if we can visit her this summer. She is still hospitalized. She is also having another surgery next week.

I’ll include the link here to our Go Fund Me page. We are grateful for any reblogs and prayers as well as those that can afford to help us monetarily.

Go Fund Me

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Tomorrow is the first ‘activity’ for the kids. The library is having a food program hosted by the local supermarket. I was able to sign both of them up early. We’re trying to set up a summer schedule for the two younger ones. Child #2 takes things very literally and likes to know what’s going on as well as being very organized. Child #3 can get more than a little rambunctious, and I think a little schedule on notecards will help her calm down a bit.

For me, I love calendars and schedules (I wonder where my son gets it from) so it’s nice to be able to have an answer when asked what are we doing tomorrow.

Some of our plans on a weekly basis are movie and popcorn day, bake bread, bake cookies, library time, walks outside if it’s not too humid (I have a lot of trouble in the sun, so my husband might be in charge of the outdoor activities), plus cleaning out closets and toy bins and getting rid of things that we don’t need.

We are typically very cluttered and that doesn’t even include the collections that we each have, and it’s time to downsize and simplify. Ha! I’ll let you know how it’s going. 😉

In addition to all of the family goings-on (which consist of too much TV time), I’ve had a resurgence of political feels. The Voting Rights Act, DOMA, Proposition 8, Sen. Wendy Davis of Texas. My Tumblr dash went absolutely crazy in all the best ways.

For my summer, I am going to try and keep my sanity as my main goal. I have three books to read and probably review. I have a fan fiction that I need to get back to, and some new Supernatural writings that I want to begin plus a few homework pieces for my memoir workshop that begins again in September, although we’re meeting for lunch in August.

I will probably try to reconnect with some friends in the next few weeks, most notably my college roommate who is more free in the summer than the rest of the year.

And then we’ll see what the fall brings as I try to keep my head above water.