It’s Been a Long Time…


It’s been a long time,

Since I’ve seen your smiling face.

It’s been a long time,…

Long Time by Cake

Nearly every day for the last two weeks, I’ve come here, opened a post, and stared into the oblivion of a blank page. It isn’t that I have nothing to write about; I have plenty, and I have written a few things, but nothing ready for prime time, so to speak.

I have been trying to work on other things, but I feel your absence deeply.

Of course, every time I go back to see what I “owe” like my last few prompts and my New 52 Reflections, I seize up and I think that I will never get out from under.

I have also been spending most of my time planning my family’s trip to Ireland and meditating on a prayer for my confirmaton saint for whom I am making a prayer card. (Where nothing exists, create it.)

We’ve also been to the movies quite a bit in the last few weeks as well as renting from Redbox: Wonder Woman, of course in June, but more recently, Moana, Spiderman: Homecoming, War for the Planet of the Apes, The Lego Batman Movie, Logan.

I thought I would share some of the more visual things I’ve done since last we were together. I’m working on another one that was inspired by the (second) homily at yesterday’s mass.

Word Art inspired by a tweet from Javier Munoz, the current Alexander Hamilton in Broadway’s Hamilton: An American Musical. (c)2017

A selection of “geek” and science pins from Target. #geekchic (c)2017

Squares. Exploring colors and shapes with colored pencils. This was after watching Moana, so that was definitely an inspiration for this particular square. (c)2017

A McDonald’s happy meal toy. Moose. #moose #jaredpadalecki (c)2017

This one is a bit older, from Easter, but when I was looking through my most recent photographs, I was struck by how utterly exhausted that poor bunny looked, collapsed atop the plastic Easter eggs, and thought his inclusion was apropos. (c)2017

A new selection of pins from Hot Topic. I was very happy to find a Princess Leia that goes with our current political resistance. (c)2017

4th of July Fireworks that we wandered upon. This view was spectacular, and a good reminder of what this country is really about. (c)2017

I found these two very different peppers at my local supermarket. I’d never seen these colors before, and of course, had to capture them, and instagram them. The one on the left is a striped Holland, and the one on the right is a brown pepper. They may become part of this summer’s tastings if the kids are adventurous. (c)2017

On the left is art inspired by the Pop on the right. Diana Prince in one of my favorite costumes from the movie. #diana prince #wonder woman (c)2017

Raspberry Whoopie Pie currently available at Starbucks. (c)2017

Leaving the movie theatre in our local city, I was kind of amazed at the bright and colorful lights. (c)2017

Another new pin celebrating the just finished twelfth season of Supernatural. (c)2017

Well, this pin really says it all in our binge watching, marathoning series culture. #netflix #one more episode #hot topic (c)2017

New t-shirt. Getting ready for next month’s Gishwhes, rumored to be the last one. #gishwhes #wearetheweird (c)2017

Earlier in the summer, we discovered a burrow of baby bunnies in our backyard. We left them to their parents and nature, and this one was out front scrounging for food. We were very excited to see him. Or her. (c)2017

Berry ice cream cake at Red Robin. I had no idea it would come out so pretty and patriotic. A nice surprise and a delicious dessert. #redrobin #berrylicious ice cream cake (c)2017

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