*waves to 2022* *Welcomes 2023*


As I struggle to write this last post of the year, I think on the last few weeks. (Because honestly, I can’t remember much further back from then without looking at my calendar or camera roll.) My husband and I started watching Wednesday, the Netflix series. I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch it, but one episode later, and I’m hooked. We’re also finishing Derry Girls and tonight we’ll be watching Banshees of Innisherin for our New Year. This is the first year we are home alone with no kids, and I have a series of stress induced stomach flips thinking about where they are and if they’re safe. One is at a hockey game, and two are out with friends. They’re all responsible, but I still worry. That’s the nature of parenting I suppose.

So a few pictures:

My church does a beautiful job getting ready for Christmas. I love this Nativity Scene and I take a new picture every year even though it probably doesn’t change much.

Bakery cookies. I don’t know why these three appealed to me, but they did.

I could have taken a better picture, but I was too ready to eat this delicious Shepherd’s Pie the day after Christmas with roast beef, champ (a Northern Ireland style of mashed potatoes), cheese, french fried onions, carrots, and peas! It was amazing.

I was pretty proud of myself for completing Nanowrimo this year. Over 53,000 words and I’m still going, trying to organize those massive files into an actual book. I feel motivated, which I haven’t felt in a long time. All told, my 2022 word count surpassed 82,000 words. I’ve been trying (and nearly succeeding) in writing every day, and I’m planning out two classes for continuing ed this semester. I’m also considering a writing retreat, but that’s a long way off.

I got this Samulet for Christmas last week. It is a charm from the TV series Supernatural. I remember Jensen Ackles, the actor who wore this as a necklace complaining about how happy he was when they finally got rid of it on the show. Every time he did something physical, it would hit him in the face or leave a bruise on his neck of upper chest. I had only worn it on my charm bracelet for one day, and it, and I got caught on no less than a dozen things, even catching on a sweater and pulling the thread. Those horns kept me from many tasks, and pulled me back, actually tripping me up once or twice. I will never laugh at Jensen’s complaint again.

While tonight’s dessert is my favorite funfetti cupcake, I did indulge in both substance and decompression.

One of my favorite seasonal items on the Starbucks menu: the cranberry bliss bar. This was probably my last one for the season; it was definitely my last for the year! I did enjoy sitting in Starbucks while my husband ran some errands. The time let me take some notes on next year’s classes and get some outlines done.

Tomorrow and the rest of the weekend is the time to look forward and create new intentions, nothing far-fetched, nothing out of reach, but just far enough to reach for. Plans are still foggy, but they are forming, and I hope to share them with you in the coming days and weeks.

Have a wonderful and peaceful New Year all year.

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