November – Gratitude – Reflection


The last two years have been clouded with so many political things, and the next two will also have much more to come, but I am grateful for the outcome of the election, the blue wave, and the thoughts that maybe we can work our way back to where the country not only should be, but where the majority of the country wants it to be. I’ve been inspired by so many new faces and listening to many intelligent voices on my new passion of podcasts that I feel cautiously optimistic that we can get through this time.

While I haven’t written that much for Nanowrimo, I have still done a lot of writing for my space here, reading my good morning journal as often as necessary, and have some other ideas and writings plotted out in the bare bones.

I went on a beautiful retreat for Thanksgiving reflection and am looking forward to another on Mary the day after my birthday. 

I am grateful to be hearing better than I have in a few years. The number of times that I say “what” have gone down exponentially thanks to a pair of hearing aids. I’ve also gotten a lot of medical things taken care of with more to come in the coming weeks, including at a ridiculous early time tomorrow. I am still seeing my therapist and trying to use all the tools in my basket; my mental health is definitely stable and good. My kids are healthy and happy in school, and we have a home, heat, and food and with the snow starting early that is indeed appreciated. Whatever else we may want, our needs are well taken care of.

Looking forward to Thursday with our family and thinking about the family not there, whether too far away or no longer and especially that whether together or apart, we are still a we.

Wishing you many blessings at this holiday season, and grateful that you are all in my life.

30 Days of Nano – Day 18


Combat Writer’s Block

One way is to do something else. Watch a thirty minute sitcom or read a chapter in a book.

Another way is to push through by writing, but not writing what’s giving you the trouble. Take a 10 minute free write. Go through your list of prompts and do a couple and see if that breaks through.

Do readers have any suggestions for the rest of us?

30 Days of Nano – Day 16


I must begin by apologizing for missing the last three days. Things had gotten out of hand. Our schools were closed on Friday because of snow, and that just messes up with my body clock. I’ve also had a weak stomach, and all I wanted to do was stay in bed and continue read Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming (highly recommended).

This piece of advice may seem a bit self-serving (because it is), but it still holds true: cut yourself some slack, give yourself a break, forgive yourself for missing something.

It happens, and it happens to everyone, including the people judging you, although you’re probably judging yourself more harshly than anyone else could. So,