Tea for Tuesday – National Tea Month


There is never a wrong day to drink tea. I had two cups of hot tea myself on Sunday and one hot vanilla chai latte yesterday. January is National Tea Month, although I’ve seen several references to hot tea month. I’m not sure which is accurate, so pick your favorites and have a cuppa.

This coming Thursday is National Hot Tea Day, and that is when I will share my favorite missive on the proper brewing of hot tea from Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

In the meantime, to whet your appetite for the nectar of the gods, enjoy some of my favorite tea-related photos below:

Dunkin’s Vanilla Chai Latte. (c)2023
English Lavender Tea Latte. (c)2022
Yummy things to have with tea: Cinnamon bun, Bacon, egg, & sausage wrap, Sugar plum danish, cookie butter donut, Pistachio Swirl, Bread Pudding. (c)2023
Tea Favorites: Passion Tea Lemondade, British tea, Rose tea candle, PG Tips in Ireland mug, large butterfly mug. (c)2023
Perfect cup of tea: Twining’s English Breakfast. (c)2018
The tea I miss the most since it was discontinued: Starbucks’ Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher with passion tea (instead of water) and three pumps of Raspberry syrup. 😦 (c)2021

2 thoughts on “Tea for Tuesday – National Tea Month

  1. I have recently become very fond of “London Fog” which is Earl Gray with steamed milk and honey. Not too sweet but very refreshing. Saratoga Tea and Honey shop has a specialty tea called Saratoga Earl and they make a mean Fog out of that. That was my Christmas solace. We should meet there for tea sometime!

    • I love London Fog. There is a local place near the library that makes an English lavender fog which is excellent also. I’d love to meet you for tea. Just send me an email! My schedule is free-ish but wonky, so let me know.

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