Mental Health Monday


I was sick all weekend. I can always tell when I’m slightly better because my family, who have been extremely helpful and tolerant of me suddenly have earphones in, my bedroom door remains closed, and I am once again on my own; abandoned. And clearly melodramatic.

That’s not entirely true; I mean I’m definitely being melodramatic, but I also have a good family even if they can be a bit argumentative, but aren’t all families that way?

And I whine when I’m sick. I can’t help it. Fever, chills, whine. I’m a four year old.

I told them today that a little better is not not-sick. I’m still sick, and still need some help. They were happy to go to school and work.

Despite that, I was very busy today! And I really wanted to put a couple of things off, but I couldn’t because this is the only day I’m home all week. When did everything get so busy?!

What did I do today, you ask:

  • Wrote a book review for my friend on Amazon (I’ll be recommending it later this week here).
  • Printed the new and revised school calendar for June.
  • Drank tea and water.
  • Balanced the checkbook.
  • Had our chimney fixed. (Yes, I know, technically I was a passive observer, but I paid him so that might count.)
  • Thought about writing my memoir class submission that’s due Thursday. (It is the thought that counts, right?)
  • I edited and added to my Cursillo rollo, which is the talk I’ll be giving on the weekend.
  • Zoomed with my friends for grouping which is talking about our faith lives and how we’re living them.
  • I drew and outlined a really good, if I do say so myself, page for coloring for Friday’s World Bee Day. GISH had us create a color sheet in March and I really enjoyed doing it and how it came out so I did another one. I’ll probably do more. You’ll see it and be able to download it on Friday.
  • My husband made me chicken soup for lunch and I’m hoping for an early night.

It’s wasn’t everything on my list; some of it wasn’t even on my list at all, but they got done anyway. It looks like I had a pretty good day, and honestly, I did. I still ended a task and knew that I needed to take a break from the action. I needed to sit. I wasn’t ready for intentional prayer and that’s okay too, but I needed ten minutes, which wound up being longer, and that’s also okay.

Feed yourself when you’re hungry. Drink when you’re thirsty. And sometimes, you just need to stop and rest your mind; not a nap, not sleeping, just stopping what you’re doing and do nothing. You’ll have regrouped and you might not even notice that you’ve regrouped, but your brain will know.

My lilacs have bloomed beautifully. I can see them from the window. I’ll just need to wait for the rain to finish this week and make time to stop and smell the lilacs. I’ll share pictures when I finally do.

Be well.

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