National Hot Tea Day

Hot Tea Day. (c)2022

As regular readers know, I don’t need a national day commemorating tea to drink tea. Tea is a staple as much as water and air. Hot tea is good for a cold, a sore throat, a mental health pick me up. There are so many varieties to choose from, not to mention the tisanes (herbal “teas” that don’t use actual tea leaves). In the above photo is my most recent cut of hot tea and two of my favorite flavors. With these two in particular, I add two teaspoons of sugar and a little bit of milk. The PG Tips takes especially good this way. If you want to complete the British tea experience, add a cucumber sandwich with marscapone. However you prefer your tea, drink up, but be careful: it’s hot!

One thought on “National Hot Tea Day

  1. I have a cup of tea each evening after dinner – a great comfort to me. Despite my love all the UK and all things British, I am not a huge PG Tips person. My go to is Barry’s Irish Breakfast or Twinnings Irish or English breakfast, which I usually get as my decaf option. A teeny bit of sugar and a little milk does it for me.

    I go in phases with herbal teas, but ultimately it is black tea for me.

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