Laudato Si’ Week Book Rec


In 2017, my friend Brother Mickey McGrath took Pope Francis’ Encyclical, Laudato Si’ and created a wonderful visual meditation using the Pope’s words and Brother Mickey’s art. It is just breathtaking. I would highly recommend reading and exploring it, especially if you can do it outdoors with the breeze ruffling your hair and the leaves on the trees.

Our Common Home is published by World Library Publications. From the back cover:

Our Common Home invites us to slow down, look areound us, and remember that all we see has been granted to us and is in our care.

Cover (c)2017-2020

Back Cover (c) 2017-2020

Mental Health Monday – Outside


I’m not really an outdoorsy person. I think one of the medications I’m taking makes me slightly allergic to the sun. If I’m out for even a minute or two in the sun, I get all itchy, and it lasts the rest of the day. I also hate bugs. But still, there is almost nothing better than a cool breeze with the tinge of the warm sun. I can smell it in the air – the warmth.

Today I was looking out of my window and saw a cardinal, a robin, and three chipmunks. They were all doing their own thing, not bothering each other, and managed not to chase each other off.

In the mornings, my front lawn is very shady, so I drag out my camp chair that I usually only use for school activities like field day (which of course, was canceled this year) or soccer (that my kids don’t play anymore), and I set it in the shade and do my thing, whatever my thing is for that day.

I’ve sat out there and prayed the rosary, read a book, drew some art that I’ll color and share at some point, journaled, took some photos, and just sat with my eyes closed, feeling the cool air on my skin.

I think most of us live in a place where we can get outside for at least ten minutes. When we had an apartment, we had a balcony, but if you don’t, try and open your windows wide and let that fresh air in. However, be mindful that your pets and children are kept safe from open windows.

We can, and we will get through this together.

Be well.

Laudato Si’ Week (May 16 – May 24)


Pope Francis invites us to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the publication of Laudato Si’, his encyclical on our common home:

Catholic News reported in March about this week long celebration, and the week, beginning today and ending on the 24th with prayer has many activities to do at home and with other groups virtually relating to our home, the planet Earth and some of the ways we can enjoy, respect, and take care of her.

Laudato Si’ Week Activities can be found here. This site has many other resources for you to use. The prayer card for the final day (May 24) can be downloaded and/or printed from here. The prayer is to be said at noon in your local time.

The following graphic is provided by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg. I will be posting reminders of their activities on the mornings of each one. I hope you can find the time to attend at least one. If you can’t, try to get out in nature and see the earth with new eyes.

Activities for Laudato Si’ Week from RCDONY. (c)2020

The Black Madonna


As part of Mary’s month, I’d like to something written by my friend, Brother Mickey McGrath, artist and author. This article, titled We Need Images of the Black Madonna Now More Than Ever appeared in the March 5, 2018 issue of America Magazine. Below is one of the pictures that appeared with the article.

Our Lady of Montserrat. (c) Brother Mickey McGrath 2020