Mental Health Monday – Outside


I’m not really an outdoorsy person. I think one of the medications I’m taking makes me slightly allergic to the sun. If I’m out for even a minute or two in the sun, I get all itchy, and it lasts the rest of the day. I also hate bugs. But still, there is almost nothing better than a cool breeze with the tinge of the warm sun. I can smell it in the air – the warmth.

Today I was looking out of my window and saw a cardinal, a robin, and three chipmunks. They were all doing their own thing, not bothering each other, and managed not to chase each other off.

In the mornings, my front lawn is very shady, so I drag out my camp chair that I usually only use for school activities like field day (which of course, was canceled this year) or soccer (that my kids don’t play anymore), and I set it in the shade and do my thing, whatever my thing is for that day.

I’ve sat out there and prayed the rosary, read a book, drew some art that I’ll color and share at some point, journaled, took some photos, and just sat with my eyes closed, feeling the cool air on my skin.

I think most of us live in a place where we can get outside for at least ten minutes. When we had an apartment, we had a balcony, but if you don’t, try and open your windows wide and let that fresh air in. However, be mindful that your pets and children are kept safe from open windows.

We can, and we will get through this together.

Be well.

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