Mental Health Monday – A Coping Skills Tool Box – Updated


I discovered this on Tumblr, and wanted to share it with you since many of us need that little boost to get us through the day.  I’ve posted this before, and because it’s so important you will probably see it again over the months. I like to bring it out in May during Mental Health Awareness Month and during my Mental Health Monday series. For this iteration, I’ve added one item in each category from my own Coping Skills Toolbox! I hope they are helpful. Good luck with your today!

Coping Toolbox by summerofrecovery 1

My Personal Coping Skills Toolbox with a couple of samples. No list is ever complete and everyone’s toolbox will contain different skills. (c)2019

Coping Toolbox by summerofrecovery 2

Coping Toolbox by summerofrecovery 3

I’ve had worry stones over the years. They are generally a small flattish stone with an indentation for your thumb, and you rub it. You can also use any small rock that has meaning for you. It can be very soothing. It can also be a distraction – a cheaper version of those modern Fidget Cubes and Spinners. While we were in Northern Ireland, my family (except for me) went across the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. This was well beyond, not only my physical stamina to walk there, but also the capacity on my anxiety. At the gift shop, they had each gotten themselves a pin that stated their accomplishment of crossing the rope bridge, but for me they got a Connaght marble worry stone. It is a beautiful green (my favorite) color, and I carry it with me. It carries my kids with me, and it gives my fingers something to do when the anxiety gets to be too much. (c)2019

Coping Toolbox by summerofrecovery 4

I always have my Kindle with me, and so I always have a book or magazine to read. (c)2019

Coping Toolbox by summerofrecovery 5

When my go-to might be to crawl up in my bed or mope, I head to YouTube and watch John Mullaney. He is one of the funniest comedians I have ever seen! I highly recommend him. (c)2019

Coping Toolbox by summerofrecovery 6

I can use my Kindle, but I also usually have a small notebook and a pen, and I can journal or write. I find lists to be very helpful, not only of things to do, but also things I’ve done. (c)2019

Coping Toolbox by summerofrecovery 7

Drawing and coloring are ways to be both mindful and in mindless distraction. (c)2019

Coping Toolbox by summerofrecovery 8

I keep my phone with me. I have the phone numbers of friends, my therapist, and various hotlines in case of emergency. I’ve been very lucky not to need those, but preparation is the most helpful item for your toolbox. (c)2019

Coping Toolbox by summerofrecovery 9 Coping Toolbox by summerofrecovery 10

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