30 Days of Nano – Day 7


Office Hours

Give yourself office hours. 

Don’t answer the phone or the door (emergencies excepted). Don’t turn on the television (the Kindle counts). Turn off the WiFi. Get yourself in office mode. I make a cup of tea. On occasion, I’ll light a scented candle, but it’s not particularly my go-to; it’s just a sometimes go-to.

My husband works at home, and he’s always interrupting me, so I will need to remind him that I’m working even if all I’m doing is staring into space, chewing on a pencil eraser.

My kids are also home by 3, so my hours need to end by then during the school week.

I also try to attend mass three times during the week, so my hours are worked around those times.

My basic hours are 10-3, although I will write at other times; I make my writing portable enough that I can jot things down anywhere.

Work around your life, but be diligent. Any and all writing is good writing during Nanowrimo. Edits are for December.

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