Celtic Cross



Long before I was Catholic I was enthralled with Celtic knotwork, including crosses. I didn’t collect crosses but I admired them. Looking intently at the weaving, the criss crossing where two lines meet. Knotwork is a most appropriate description. I look at the twists and the turns and the loops and all I can picture is a knotted rope. Thick, muslin colored, braided rope, fringed and frayed at the ends but the beauty in the center never ending. Never ending, like a circle, but more elaborate, each one different from the other.

Look at any Celtic cross and tell me how it’s not the perfect blending of artistry and spirituality.

It’s a good note to end this week on.

Speculation: The Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer


WARNING For Language

I think we can all agree that this trailer is chock full of red herrings and wild goose chases. Every time I watch the trailer I see or hear something new that excites me and scares me for the characters. Things are shown out of order, out of context, they make it appear as if characters are talking to or about other ones, they show them, but we know that most of those transitions are misleading. We also know it’s intentional. TPTB can’t wait until we watch those scenes throughout the season, and see where our speculation went wrong. Or right.

Right or wrong or somewhere in between, this is mine. Unfortunately, because of the way the trailer is put together this meta might go back and forth in time and speculation. For example, the first scene where Rick is running, he’s not wearing any of the steri strips that he had after his fight with Pete, but when he’s talking to the Alexandrians, and with Morgan and Daryl, the morning after and the night of Reg’s death, he is wearing them, so right off the bat we’ve got a trailer out of order, but trying to make us think that it’s chronological. I also read that season 6 will play with time, opening in the middle of an action scene and then showing us past times, why things happened and how some of our characters got to where they are today.


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