Speculation: The Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer


WARNING For Language

I think we can all agree that this trailer is chock full of red herrings and wild goose chases. Every time I watch the trailer I see or hear something new that excites me and scares me for the characters. Things are shown out of order, out of context, they make it appear as if characters are talking to or about other ones, they show them, but we know that most of those transitions are misleading. We also know it’s intentional. TPTB can’t wait until we watch those scenes throughout the season, and see where our speculation went wrong. Or right.

Right or wrong or somewhere in between, this is mine. Unfortunately, because of the way the trailer is put together this meta might go back and forth in time and speculation. For example, the first scene where Rick is running, he’s not wearing any of the steri strips that he had after his fight with Pete, but when he’s talking to the Alexandrians, and with Morgan and Daryl, the morning after and the night of Reg’s death, he is wearing them, so right off the bat we’ve got a trailer out of order, but trying to make us think that it’s chronological. I also read that season 6 will play with time, opening in the middle of an action scene and then showing us past times, why things happened and how some of our characters got to where they are today.


The first voiceover, and it’s taken me about ten views to realize this, sometimes I have to be hit over the head and in over my head, but I think that voiceover is from Clear. They [Rick and Morgan] almost seem to have switched roles from that episode to what’s coming in six between them.

We’re being shown the idea Rick and Morgan are at odds with each other, and I think they want us to think the opposite: that they’re really allies. Despite that, it’s still looking like a showdown between Rick and Morgan. But not knowing gives us that split personality of thinking and analysis and pretty much how this whole thing is going to go because ultimately the writers, showrunners, and producers want us talking about it; they want us speculating around the water cooler [in my case, my water cooler is the internet] and waiting each week with baited breath, and then surprising us [SPOILERS: like they did with Noah].

As much as they [Rick and Morgan] agree with each other, I’m a killer, so are you, I stopped taking chances, you should stop, there are differences that come simply from personality. They’ve been out there just as long as the other one, seen almost the same things, had their versions of crazy, and came out on the other side. They should be partners, but in Morgan’s case, as much as he might have met the bad guys and lived through his nightmare, he’s adopted a more peaceful attitude towards the whole thing; a calmness. Judging by his encounter with the Wolves at the beginning of Conquer, he doesn’t kill people. Rick, on the other hand, has met enough people who’ve tried to kill him and take what he’s worked so hard to save and survive that he doesn’t put up with that bullshit anymore. Any threat, he takes them out. Pete’s a prime example, although I don’t know that he would have gone so far so fast without Carol’s encouragement. She’s not the same mouse, as Merle said previously, so why doesn’t she take care of Pete herself? It feels very manipulative to me. She knows exactly which buttons to push on Rick and she’s taking advantage of his obvious feelings for Jessie.

Again, we open with Rick running, desperately. The voice overs are Rick and Morgan [as I said, I believe this is from last season, specifically from Clear] and presumably Rick’s heartbeat. Rick’s got his gun out. Could be that Rick was exiled, and is coming back to save the day, but after seeing Michonne and Glenn on the same road, I’m more inclined to think they’re out training the Alexandrians and something happens back at the safe zone, having something to do with the later scene that we’re shown of the herd of walkers heading towards Alexandria.

Another theory I have is that there’s more than one big, scary incident at the safe zone. It would make sense for the Wolves to scout out the area before they actually did anything. I think there might be an incursion, which we see with people being killed in the streets of Alexandria, and then the walker herd attack. I’m also wondering if in the end that the Alexandrians are leading them [the herd] away from the zone. Rick is at the wall with a significant group of walkers on the other side, and he shoots his gun in the air; presumably to get their attention, which makes me think they’re leading them away.

Back to the start of the trailer, though.

With Rick’s voiceover, we’ve got Father Gabriel coming to the meeting place, finding Deanna still sitting in a pool of her husband’s blood. I think she will blame him for not closing the gate. There’s going to be a lot of blame for Reg’s death, more than just Pete’s role. They might have not been caught so much off guard if they weren’t already shaken up by Rick depositing a walker next to their fire. They’re on edge, they’re scared, and when Pete comes in wielding the katana, they think they can reason with him. Reason is all they know, and Pete is their friend. They are still living in the old world. They’re insular, and they think that Rick is exaggerating or that he’s been affected by living on the outside for too long. Get rid of Rick, everything goes back to normal. Pete said what they were thinking: He’s not one of us, and he’s not the only one who thinks so.

When we see Rick and Morgan again, Daryl is there, sitting near Morgan. They were probably talking about what they had just witnessed at the end of Conquer. This will set up a Morgan-Daryl partnership that I spoke about in my last meta. All you have to do is watch Daryl’s body language. He’s sitting, like Morgan; not standing like Rick. He looking at Morgan, he’s interested in what he’s saying and he’s not defensive. I also think that In the end, Aaron would be with them in spirit, but at this moment,  he’s probably with his partner, Eric, catching up on what he missed at the meeting and what led up to what they walked in on at the end. I see Aaron, Daryl, and Morgan as another side in the struggle for power, but of those three, Morgan is the most likely leader.

Rick running in the next segment is meant to look as if he’s running as part of the Alexandrians training, but if you look closely at his clothes, the straps crisscrossing his chest, that’s what he’s wearing in the opening sequence, and not what he’s wearing in the training moments before we’re shown that.

We also see a woman being taken down and eaten by walkers. [I thought that was Francine, but it could also be Maggie.] I don’t think Rick would let anyone get killed during training. Yes, he’s going to show them how dangerous it is, he’s going to give them a real feel for the walkers and the danger and what it takes to bring them down, but I don’t think he’d put them in the kind of danger that would kill any of them. That would defeat the purpose of the training, and the Alexandrians would turn against him.

Those scenes that go back and forth between training and actual fighting combine to give us a feeling of the tension of what’s coming. I also need to remind myself that this trailer is for the season as a whole, and not simply the first episode. I really need to remind myself of that.

How many more of us have to die before we do something?” That sounds like the new character who’s voicing his concerns with Rick’s training plans at the meeting in Deanna’s living room. Who is he talking to? He’s not talking to Rick. He’s talking to someone else about a possible mutiny, or revolt. Someone must agree with him, at least partially. It sounds like they’re discussing how to move forward, that they don’t agree with Rick’s tactics, and maybe they could do it better if given the chance.

Right after that we see Ron telling his mother (Jessie) that Rick isn’t safe. Obviously that comes from Ron’s emotional upheaval of Rick murdering his father. He’s wearing a blue sweatshirt. We see someone with a blue sweatshirt being hugged by Enid, probably for the same reasons, but then we see a blue sweatshirt hooded slight figure shooting two figures in the streets of Alexandria. I think that’s Ron. Whether that’s in response to an outside attack or a civil conflict against Rick, I don’t know.

Glenn: “People are scared; you should keep an eye on her.” The camera pans directly to Carol. I believe this is another red herring. I think he’s referring to watching Deanna. Who else is someone that could be given an opportunity to sabotage or change Rick’s plan to rescue/take over Alexandria?

We see Abraham carrying a wrapped up body as the voiceover asks how many of us have to die. However, this is at night, so I think that Abraham is carrying/burying Reg and Pete. That night scene will have people grouping off with the people they trust. When do Father Gabriel, Sasha, and Maggie come to the fire pit area? When do Glenn and Nicholas come back?

The scenes with Enid, coming into the safe zone, within the walls, and also out in the woods, I believe are flashbacks to her origin story, and how she came to Alexandria. I originally thought that she was with the three men* exiled [*according to Deanna, they were three men, according to Aaron they were two men and a woman], but this trailer makes it look as though she found herself there on her own. It’s possible her parent(s) got her there, but weren’t able to survive to go in with her. As I mentioned earlier, we see her hugging a person in a blue sweatshirt, and we see Carl seeing that. I’m not sure that those scenes are actually connected., but the trailer definitely wants us to think they’re setting up a love triangle and a competition between the two boys. I’m not sure that Carl would fall into that trap, though. I see him as stepping aside, not to mention that he’s going to have his own guilt towards Ron because his father killed Ron’s.

Rick: These people…they need to take care of themselves. Feel different about it?

Daryl: Yeah, I do.

Morgan: I know Rick. I can stop him. We have to.” Cuts to Deanna, then back.

Rick: Keep moving!

With all the running, and Rick’s direction it feels again like their deception at the prison. They leave Alexandria, leave a shell of a defense force, let the walkers stroll on through, get rid of the Wolves, and lead the walkers back out with minimal casualties from their side.

Morgan: If you leave this place, you leave and you never come back.

He could be talking to someone in the group who wants to leave, but I can’t imagine that anyone would feel safer elsewhere. If it’s Daryl they wouldn’t force him out permanently; he’d be able to return. I have a feeling that it’s one of the Wolves, perhaps that he’s talking to. He’s compassionate enough to invite them to stay if they can be trusted, as much as a long shot that is. Although the one chance he gave them at the end of last season should be all they’re entitled to. It also might be a threat – get the fuck out, never come back or we’ll kill your sorry ass.

Rick: Do you really think you’re going to take this community away from us? From Daryl? From Michonne? From Glenn? From me? Then he points the gun at someone. The trailer shows us Morgan in that part, to make us think it’s Morgan, but I don’t think it’s him at all. I think that the implication that he’s talking to Morgan or Deanna is intentional to throw us off the real track, but if you think about it, those two don’t really care about Daryl, Glenn, Michonne, or Rick. Neither does Father Gabriel. Not sure about Abraham. Who cares about those people? The only one I can think of is Carol. But why would she go against Rick? It’s not as though she’s done that before, right? When she killed Karen and David for instance? Or how about when she took his hand grenade from his clothes while she was doing the wash in the first season? Hmm, do we remember that? In the second season, at the farm, constantly trying to get Daryl to take the lead against rick? When Andrea comes to the prison, Carol asks her to fuck the Governor and then murder him in his sleep. Third season, teaching the kids how to kill. The cookies. I could write a whole meta about Carol and her manipulations.

While they’re showing those scenes through Rick’s voiceover, it looks like Glenn is in an alley with Nicholas, so apparently they’ve patched together some sort of truce and Glenn trusts him enough for Nicholas to have his back.

We see a car leading the walkers. I’d presume it’s the Wolves that almost captured Morgan at the beginning, and then Aaron and Daryl. They want what others have. They found Aaron’s pictures, and now they want it. It’s still unclear if they’re in it for kicks or if they want their own safe haven. Or do they already have a safe haven as base camp?

Abraham and Sasha are in a car, Daryl speeds off on his motorcycle. Abraham: Don’t do it, man!

This could be when Daryl separates from the group for whatever reason. We saw in Conquer that he’s not beyond sacrificing himself for the group; this could be a sacrificial move to draw the walkers away from the rest of the group; or draw the Wolves away.

We see Maggie and Deanna standing and watching as someone on fire is thrown over the wall.
We see Carol watching a man beating another man. That’s Daryl who’s doing the beating. Now the question is whether or not he’s killing a man or a walker? And if a man, why?

Then we have the whole Daryl alone subplot. That could go on for the entire first half of the season; perhaps two or three episodes, depending on why he left Alexandria in the first place. Was it one of his and Aaron’s normal runs gone bad? Did they get separated? Does it have something to do with his conversation with Rick earlier in the trailer?

I’ll share some of the other observations going on in my head. I do think there will be much conflict between Rick and Morgan with the rest of the groups taking sides for the most part, but I also think that in the end they’ll come together. Daryl missing will probably be the mid-season cliffhanger. Apart from plot, I read that Greg Nicotero is directing the premiere, mid-season premiere, episode 12 and the final episode. Because of his specialty of make-up and suicidal effects, I think these will be walker heavy. The herd might also work as a mid-season finale. All I know is that we’re going to be hanging on by our fingertips.
Jessie and Rick might have a relationship but that will be over by mid season. [I’m not a fan of this pairing.]

There’s a time coming, whether it’s this season or next where Daryl and Carol are going to have issues, specifically Daryl will have problems with Carol and the way she does things. He’s coming into his own, and has been since season one. His moral compass won’t let him let her continue her manipulations.

If Maggie dies this season, I think we’ll see a change in Glenn where he becomes more like Rick. Right now, his moral compass has him leaning in Morgan’s direction, but without Maggie as his partner, I’m not sure what will happen to him.

I didn’t see Tara in any of the trailer, so she’ll still be recovering from her head injury early on. After that, I’m not sure what will happen to her and Eugene for that matter.

I’m really excited for this season. I’m also a little scared. Now, I’m worried about characters that I previously wasn’t worried about. It’s going to be a great thrill ride.

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