Foodie in the Kitchen


What’s the one item in your kitchen you can’t possibly cook without? A spice, your grandma’s measuring cup, instant ramen — what’s your magic ingredient, and why?

My Apron.

When I was younger, I thought aprons were old-fashioned. You could hang it on a hook or spread it across the wall in a retro looking textile, pseudo-performance art piece.

Like bathrobes, I didn’t get my first apron until after my first son was born. I guess I would estimate that my red apron is at least fifteen years old. I happened to see it, I think in a Target, and I was drawn to it.

I don’t even know why. I don’t like aprons. Red is my least favorite color, and yet, it called to me.

it may have been that when I put it over my head, it actually fit my body. That was a moment.

The first time I wore it seriously was for a Thanksgiving meal. I got something on my hands and instinctively slid my palms down the front of my body. I didn’t even think. If I hadn’t been wearing the apron, I would have spread turkey grease all over my clothes and that would have been the end of them.

I got it now!

That’s why you wear an apron; to keep the yick from getting on your clothes.

I was always so put off by the 1950s retrocicity that I ignored it’s actual use.

I wish I was kidding.

I’m sure there was something psychologically based in my aversion. I was too young to wear an apron. That’s like…..I don’t know….forty-year-olds wore aprons. I was not forty.

I am still not forty.

I’ve gone off topic, haven’t I?

My apron is almost like another personality. I put it on and I can cook anything. Anything! It’s empowering.

It’s the most useful thing in the kitchen. It supplements me, and complements me without overpowering my own cooking style.

There are two large pockets in the front that can hold a recipe card, a potholder, my cell phone. At one time or another, for short bursts only, I’ll put my Kindle in there because I have several recipes and a cookbook on it. I can also look up what I need on the internet.

The waist tie goes around my back and then returns to the front where I tie it. Nothing goes around my waist twice.

It’s a sturdy broadcloth, so even if I spill something like hot soup or 270* melted caramel on it, I still have time to wipe it off before I get burned.

If I put in on for a big meal, I never take it off until I’m finished cooking. Sometimes I’ll wear it through dinner to avoid spills.

It really is the most versatile and useful item in my kitchen, and even if you use it too much, it won’t spoil the broth.