Update on Mental Health Madness


Be careful when complaining about all the commitments you have scheduled and listed out. As of last night, I have no commitments, zero, nada, zilch. None.

The spoiler is that I have covid. I suppose the good news is that those new-found allergies are not allergies, which I will appreciate more next spring. For anyone interested in the less-than-sordid details, read on:

So, this is what happened: On the 11th, I got a scratchy throat and a runny nose. I also had a slight, very short-lived fever – I took Tylenol and went to bed, and woke up eh. I had a job interview on the 12th and since the woman has an elderly mother, I took a covid test, which was negative. We decided to postpone anyway, which was good because it only got worse through the weekend. Then I was mostly fine except for a stuffy nose and occasional dry cough. I, and other people thought it was allergies, so I went with that. I was just about to call my doctor for allergy meds when my interfaith group asked that everyone get covid tested for our meeting on Wednesday.

Mind you, I’ve already been to two writing groups, lunch with one, Red Hats lunch, grocery shopping, a retreat that included dinner, the rescheduled interview, the Synod listening session at our local church, and in person mass where I interacted with the priest. Tuesday (today) I had a full day timed down to the hour, but I thought I would take the test Monday night to get it done with.

It did not take two minutes to show up bright pink positive. Glad I took the test early, and since I had symptoms, even though I thought they were allergies, I wore my mask everywhere I went, including outdoors, except for when I was eating.

It took me almost an hour to email, text and call everyone who I had contact with plus a phone call this morning.

Currently, I have a stuffy/runny nose, a scratchy throat – I sound like the secretary in Monsters Inc., but it doesn’t hurt, and I’m occasionally coughing. I did notice this morning that I’ve been unusually tired – longer naps than usual, today I slept an extra two hours and only woke up because the phone was ringing.

The kids are doing their best to avoid me, but my husband has been great – getting me breakfast and lunch and lots of water. He’s leaving work early to get the groceries that I was going to get today. CDC says isolate for 5 days and then wear your mask for 5 more. The next time I actually have to leave the house is the 31st so I’ll probably stay home until then. I may go outside and sit tomorrow if the weather stays this nice. I did attend church on Facebook and intend to attend tomorrow as well, and for tonight’s retreat I was able to switch to virtual, although sad to be missing the retreat house dinner.

I feel okay and I’m reading two great books (The Confidence Men by Margalit Fox and Still Just A Geek by Wil Wheaton) which I can read guilt-free now. Everyone’s good wishes and prayers really help to lift me up and make me feel better, so I’m grateful for that.


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