Election Connection – Opinion


Vote ALL Republicans out! All of them! From Dog Catcher to US Senate. Let conservatives start their own legitimate party and earn America’s trust (if they can ever get it back). We need to purge these do-nothing, pro-death politicians.

They claim the pro-life mantle, but they are pro-death, especially women and children. If you’re a fetus, they want you born. Once you’re born, you’re on your own. Schools can’t protect you. Grocery clerks can’t protect you Police can’t protect you. And Republican politicians certainly can’t AND WON’T protect you.

They legislate against abortion when they don’t even understand what an abortion is. They literally think that a pregnancy not implanted in the uterus can be moved TO the uterus. They think that women can turn off their periods or turn them on when they don’t want to have sex. They’ve said, out loud in front of people that when a rape occurs, a woman’s body shuts down the body so she can’t get pregnant.

These people are insane.

And they should not be legislating if they don’t understand the full ramifications of their “policies”.

Let’s talk guns. NINETEEN children, elementary age children and TWO of their teachers are dead in Texas today because a man with an assault rifle murdered them. Why? The only relevant reason is that he had a gun. That is why they are dead.

The police couldn’t stop him because of his body armor, and that was BEFORE he entered the school. BEFORE he murdered twenty-one people.

Let me tell you something about the Second Amendment.

That man was not a well regulated militia.

It is the second amendment. It changed the original Constitution. In 1919, the 18th Amendment was ratified that prohibited the sale and consumption of alcohol. In 1933, the 21st Amendment REPEALED that and alcohol was legal again. Just like that. That is the function of an amendment – to change (and update) the Constitution.

There are 27 Amendments to the Constitution.

There has been 27 school shootings since January of this year. That’s one mass shooting in a school for each amendment to the Constitution. We haven’t even lived through twenty-seven weeks in the year – this is week 21. More school shootings than weeks in the year so far. It must end.

We need an amendment to modify or repeal the 2nd Amendment.




Note: This has been corrected to reflect the actual number of fatalities in Uvalde, Texas. I had posted 14 children; it is 19 children. I apologize for the mistake.

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