30 Days of Nano


I will post a word of advice, writing resources, advice, tips, things to think about for the next thirty days of Nanowrimo. Please share some of your own, so we can use this community to support our writing and other creative endeavors that we are all involved with in our lives.

Day 1 of Nano

Get  your workspace ready. Keep a clear spot on your dining room table if you don’t have a desk. (I use a tote bag that I can bring to the dining room as well as on my writing field trips. Do you drink coffee? Tea? Set a timer on your coffeemaker, and have it ready for each day’s writing time. Do you like to light candles? Have them on the table, and know where the matches are. Is there enough ink in your favorite pen? Do you have a spare? Do you write in a journal or on a laptop? I use my Kindle Fire and a keyboard. Do you have a spare notebook, a small notepad to jot down ideas that float by? I use a notepad as well as Evernote and JotterPad (this one is new to me).

There is still time to write today, on this first day of 2018 Nanowrimo!

Let’s go!

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