Glimpses through Instagram, Part 2


I found a few more photos that I shared through Instagram and Facebook while I was in Ireland and Wales. They’re really quite eclectic, and show the variety of things that I enjoyed doing as well as some of the local tastes.

From L-R, top: Guinness chocolates to bring home to share, my Welsh goodies to bring home including Welsh tea and Welsh cakes, a few Irish candies, Jaffa cakes. The Jaffa cakes are my husband’s favorites. We have an Irish import store near us, and a box half this size is around $5. This double box, 24 cakes cost £1! (c)2017

The roads through and of the mountains in Snowdonia National Park. I hadn’t realized it because it all feels so familiar, but I had been here thirty years ago – my first visit that has stayed with me for so long. I believe this was the Pass of Llanberis. North Wales. (c)2017

My friend is from Bangor, North Wales, and I was texting him in the States to see if he wanted me to bring anything back for him from his family. He said nah, but he recommended this kiiller ice cream shop in Beddgelert. We’d had no intention of stopping in that town, but looking at a map it was very much on our way to Llanberis from Dolwyddelan, so we detoured, and had some amazing ice cream. I learned my lesson the last time to always follow the locals advice – they know all the best places. I had toffee. I had a lot of toffee. It’s just so good in the UK, and not available as much at home. (c)2017

Cranfield Church (Northern Ireland) at sunset on Lough Neagh. We found the holy well of St. Olcan the next day before we went to the airport. I will have more to write about this place in later days. (c)2017

Some Welsh treats I brought home and had for breakfast – Welsh cakes, warm with butter, and Welsh tea with a touch of milk and sugar. It was almost as good as being there. Almost. (c)2017

A filled soda from Kearney’s in Randalstown, Northern Ireland. My husband discovered this tasty delight. It is basically a full breakfast on soda bread minus the beans and mushrooms. If I recall correctly, that picture is half of the sandwich. I shared it with my son. Soooooo gooooood. (c)2017

One of the murals we drove by in West Belfast. Judging from the portrait of Nelson Mandela, I believe this is the international murals. There is one, towards the right for the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, FL. (c)2017

At the Botanic Garden in the Queen’s Quarter of Belfast, my daughter took this picture. I loved how the angle she photographed had the trees look like the shape of a harp, and the scratches on the right-hand tree look as though they are fingers plucking the harp strings. (c)2017

I can’t possibly go to the UK and not find some Harry Potter things. Clearly, I’m a Hufflepuff. (c)2017

Funny enough, the ferry seasick bag was large enough and sturdy enough to hold my electronic chargers. Waste not, want not. (c)2017

My one visit to the local Starbucks. This one is on Aungier Street in Dublin, right next door to the international hostel that we stayed overnight at. We do not have nearly enough shortbread in the States. (c)2017

Ffynon Elen (Elen’s Well) in Dolwyddelan, North Wales. My pilgrimage place. (c)2017

£3 dinner from Morrison’s grocery. Sandwich, snack, and a drink. Hotel room picnic. (c)2017

Dolbadarn Castle in Llanberis, North Wales. (c)2017

If you scroll back up to see my Welsh cakes and tea, you’ll see an image on the tea box. A quick look will tell you, as it told us that we took a photo of that exact location on the box. The Glengettie tea box identifies it as Nant Gwynant in Snowdonia National Park, North Wales. It was gorgeous there – I can understand using it as advertising. (c)2017

My husband found a comic store in Belfast with a super Supernatural display, and picked up this signed fandom item for me while there. (c)2017

A couple of pins to add to my collection – the Ireland edition. (c)2017

Randalstown, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. This was the town we stayed in while we were in Belfast. (c)2017

Sunrise from the airplane over the North Atlantic on 15 August. (c)2017

Shane’s Castle, Randalstown. I understand that some of Game of Thrones is filmed here as well as other places in Northern Ireland. (c)2017

Shane’s Castle. Randalstown. (c)2017

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