Glimpses through Instagram


I had much less time than I originally thought I would have in order to share photos and happenings on social media and here while I was on holiday. 

These are some of the Instagram posts I managed to share during my two week holiday or upon my return. They are in no special order.

This was in a shopping mall in Belfast. It is an American Candy/Food Store. There are some things in there that I’ve never seen. I had wanted to try those Hostess Milky Way brownies, but forgot to go back before we returned. (c)2017

Some sights driving around Belfast. If you recognize any, please pop it into comments. I wasn’t entirely sure of all of them, especially that first photo. The second on the top is the Rings of Thanksgiving and the one next to that is The Albert Clock. (c)2017

We thought this was a delicate way to put it on the airsick bag from Norwegian Air. (c)2017

Sunrise on the morning of 15 August from the airplane. (c)2017

The cute little box my evening meal came in. (c)2017

This was one of those genius things that I’ve never seen before. You put in your electronic device, plug it in, and let it charge. You lock it up, and take the key with you. I don’t recall if it charged a fee, but I don’t think it did. (c)2017

At the Ballintoy Harbor, at the end of the car park where the Carrick-a-Rede (rope) Bridge is. While my family went to the bridge to cross onto the island, I did a little walking among the hill and cliffs. This is one of the Game of Thrones filming sights. It was just magnificent to be in the presence of such beauty and strength. It was quite breezy, and a few times, the weather turned, but only for a few minutes. I sat upon one of the rocks, looking out to the sea, North Atlantic ocean actually, and just breathed in the eternal. I sat and prayed my rosary. I was so overcome that I couldn’t even write in my journal. All I could manage was the prayers and staring out at the water, being in the moment. Truly glorious. (c)2017

The flowers of Randalstown, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. (c)2017

I love doors. This is one of the first I spied and took a photo of. There will be many more. (c)2017

Glenariff Falls. Getting here is quite a funny story. I’ll save that for its own post. (c)2017

Random sunset in Belfast. (c)2017

A little taste of Wales. From top, L-R: A painted rock. Diolch means thanks, a Welsh spoon pin, Y Ddraig Goch pin, the hidden dragon carving at St. Gwyddelan’s Church, the sign for Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, a gorgeous and delicious Welsh cake at Caffi Bell Twr in Caernarfon, and a Welsh spoon magnet made from Welsh coal. (c)2017

More random doors, and this isn’t even half of the ones I took. They are all from Ireland except the middle bottom – that one is from Caernarfon Castle in Wales. (c)2017

Showing my American friends as we get roundabouts in our area that it can always be worse. Note that it’s not even in English! (c)2017

Where we stayed in Northern Ireland. It is a former post office, and there were at least four pubs within sight of our front room window. (c)2017

A typical Thursday morning in Dublin – Guinness delivery. (c)2017

What a clever name for a kebab shop. Kebabs are wildly popular in the UK. Out of the few times we dined out, two nights were kebab places. I saw this one in passing, in Dublin, and I just loved the name! (c)2017

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