Tribute to Leonard Nimoy


Another food post. This is the fruit bowl


that I used as part of my Tribute to Leonard Nimoy, item #16 in last week’s GishWhes scavenger hunt


This was one item that I took a lot of time on and probably spent the most money on. I paid to have the pictures printed, the poster board, and the fruit. I contacted my friend in Israel for the Hebrew spelling of Leonard’s name.

He was a true hero of mine. As a child, ethnicity was often hidden on screen. While Mr. Spock was a Vulcan on the show, in his real life he was Jewish as is William Shatner. He was one of me. That was huge to this child who worshipped Star Trek. I dreamed Star Trek, I Mary-Sued Star Trek, I wrote fan fic before I knew what that was, I went to conventions. I even traveled to NYC and Pennsylvania to hear Leonard speak.

This item probably meant the most to me, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

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