Summer Changes


Since last fall, I’ve been trying to find a format for this site that works both for readers and for me as a writer, publisher of content. At that time, I came up with a daily posting format with a break on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In the spring, I added a weekly reflection on Friday, and I also introduced weekly themes at about the same time.

For the summer, and beginning next week, I’d like to change it up a little.

The format since the Fall/Winter has been Monday through Thursday: prompt, photo, quotation, and recs. For summer, the Monday through Thursday lineup will change to:

Monday’s Good for the Soul (something spiritual, possibly photos, reflections, Scriptures),

Tasty Tuesday (tasting new foods, offering food and kitchen tips, recipes),

Movie Wednesday (a movie and popcorn, possibly with a review or other related fun stuff), and

Thursday Travels (a visit somewhere not in my house or yard.)

There will probably be a larger assortment of Kids Say posts, and a promotion of my daughter’s fashion blog as well as a five week online Ignatian Spiritual Retreat that I expect to share with you.

Remember that the first week in August is GishwheS , and I am on a great team. Putting our team together early has been a wonderful experience as we get to know each other and offer encouragement for the last couple of months.

I’m also open to suggestions on topics or food to taste or anything else you want to talk to me about.

While the weekend won’t have a formal format, I still plan to post things that come to me as they come to me. I also have plans to get my pages in order and actually useful to my readers as well as organizing and completing a subject index to find resources and stories.

I’m looking forward to an exciting and writerly summer with all of you!


MY Extra (Leap) Second


HuffPost posed the question this morning: What will you do with your extra second?

I knew it was coming, but this leap second still came as a surprise to me.

One extra second.

We make fun, and some of us take it a little too seriously, but it’s an interesting question. Each second in our day passes with or without our noticing it. On some days we barely notice; on others we wonder where the time has gone. Seconds pass, and soon they become years past. Decades.

Which second is my extra one today?

That second when I slept in?

Or the second when I was too ill to get up?

What about the second it took to reblog the HuffPost picture earlier?

A piece of the Supernatural rerun I’m watching or is the special second in the commercial?

What are our seconds filled with all the rest of the year?

Can’t my leap second come on my birthday? Or Christmas morning? Or I can take an extra pause between rosary beads?

An extra second, an extra breath taken, an extra glance at my kids, an extra thank you to my son for being chauffeur, an extra hug, an extra like on Facebook, an extra eye raised to G-d.

For me, my extra second is still yet to be used.

I think I’ll keep it saved for an emergency when I run out of time or need to meet a deadline.

I think I’ll save it for that moment when I need to stop and take a deep breath.

I’ll keep that extra second in my pocket like a good luck charm, to be saved and used when I most need it.