Blogkeeping, Part 1: Format and Categories


For starters, there will be is a new static home page (which I need a pithy name for am calling First Look) that will (hopefully) change weekly with prompts, topics/themes, quotation, etc followed by a week’s (M-F) worth of content in the writing space. Each day’s columns are still undecided and may change depending on the season and subjects.

Second, all feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Third, I have way too many tags and categories. I will be whittling my categories down to just a few since I think my writing is not as far-flung as the categories would suggest. Several categories also overlap, and that kind of minutia is really what the tags are for. I use the tags to break down the subject into what drew me to it in the first place. Categories should be a bit broader and cover more than one tiny subject.

At the moment I’ve decided on 12 categories; an even dozen:

Home– includes apartment, garden, decor, buying, surviving buying, etc.

Fandom – includes fan works, propriety and derivative works, pop culture, celebrity, music, cosplay, community

Food – includes drink, recipes, kitchen hints & tips

Kids &School – includes parenting and education, kids say, all ages

Medical – self-explanatory, includes women’s reproduction

Mental Health – I feel that this needs a separate category from medical, although many issues overlap

Money – money related including shopping and saving money

Photos – photo posts or posts that contain my own photos

Social & Political– includes media, LGBT+, gender & race, sex education (but will overlap with medical and kids & school), politics

Spiritual – includes religion, organized or otherwise and atheism plus spirituality

Travel – tips, essay, photos, advice, tour book type posts

Writing – process, business of, resources

There will be a temporary tag of 2016 Sarn for those special writings that I’m determined to concentrate on and refuse to procrastinate on (this year). I posted about this on Friday. I mentioned then that I would explain that odd category name. I should think that 2016 is self-explanatory. Sarn is Welsh for causeway. Or roadway. Since this year is very much a new path, or an extended journey with celebrating (not sure yet?) my 50th birthday year and the year of mercy pilgrimage. Wales has long been my spiritual center place for almost three decades. This happened randomly. When I recently converted to Catholicism, I chose St. Elen of Caernarfon as my patron saint, and took Elen as my confirmation name. There is a place in North Wales called Elen’s Sarn. St. Elen is the protector of travelers and roads.

I’ve combined a few of these things, as you can see, to create my new category for those writings that need that little extra push to get moving and motivated for.

Next up will be my FAQ.

What Am I Working On?


I sometimes wonder…

Am I a writer or an author?

A blogger or a freelancer?

A memoirist?

A dabbler? Professional?

A nobody?

Sometimes, I don’t know what I am or what I’m doing here and elsewhere. Maybe one day it will come to me or all fall into place or whatever it’s supposed to do.I know that there are things pulling at me, and I have stories and half-written anecdotes and notes since my high school and college days. Fan fiction gave me a language and a society – a camaraderie that is often not found, even in the writing groups I’ve attended. Not belonging because of the subjects or the philosophies or the age difference – I tend to be either the oldest or the youngest. Neither one is preferable. They are both on the outside looking in.

Some of my writings are avoidance; conversely, some of my writings are avoided, each with a labyrinth of excuses and reasons, one more valid than the next.

I recently heard something on one of my favorite television shows. It’s funny to admit or even to say out loud to those who aren’t in the fandom and therefore don’t understand the inspiration that I get from this program and its cast and crew.
This isn’t the first time that their words have helped me move forward with a less than tangible hand to hold and shoulder to lean on.

“You wanna know the secret to living a long and happy life? Follow your heart. You do that, all the rest just figures itself out.”
– Mildred (played by Dee Wallace) to Dean (played by Jensen Ackles)

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Summer Changes


Since last fall, I’ve been trying to find a format for this site that works both for readers and for me as a writer, publisher of content. At that time, I came up with a daily posting format with a break on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In the spring, I added a weekly reflection on Friday, and I also introduced weekly themes at about the same time.

For the summer, and beginning next week, I’d like to change it up a little.

The format since the Fall/Winter has been Monday through Thursday: prompt, photo, quotation, and recs. For summer, the Monday through Thursday lineup will change to:

Monday’s Good for the Soul (something spiritual, possibly photos, reflections, Scriptures),

Tasty Tuesday (tasting new foods, offering food and kitchen tips, recipes),

Movie Wednesday (a movie and popcorn, possibly with a review or other related fun stuff), and

Thursday Travels (a visit somewhere not in my house or yard.)

There will probably be a larger assortment of Kids Say posts, and a promotion of my daughter’s fashion blog as well as a five week online Ignatian Spiritual Retreat that I expect to share with you.

Remember that the first week in August is GishwheS , and I am on a great team. Putting our team together early has been a wonderful experience as we get to know each other and offer encouragement for the last couple of months.

I’m also open to suggestions on topics or food to taste or anything else you want to talk to me about.

While the weekend won’t have a formal format, I still plan to post things that come to me as they come to me. I also have plans to get my pages in order and actually useful to my readers as well as organizing and completing a subject index to find resources and stories.

I’m looking forward to an exciting and writerly summer with all of you!


Change is Coming


Fall has always been my time for starting over and resolutions. I’m starting here. 🙂

Beginning next week, I’m going to make some format changes and additions. Some pages may be inaccessible for a short time.

I’m going to start five regular weekly posts. I know from the likes and the views that several readers are also writers, so on Mondays I will post a prompt and share the free-writing fun. I know I’m more motivated when I have my workshop prompts to work with instead of coming up with my own all the time.

I will also have a photo post, weekly quotation, and a recommendation post.

In addition to those planned posts, I will continue to blog and publish my writings as well as photographs and art and timely activities.

I will also be changing the categories and tags, and hopefully simplifying them.

I welcome suggestions and feedback.