World Press Freedom Day


“As the [COVID-19] pandemic spreads, it has also given rise to a second pandemic of misinformation, from harmful health advice to wild conspiracy theories. The press provides the antidote: verified, scientific, fact-based news and analysis.”

– UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

Today is the observation of Press Freedom Day.

Looking back on the past three years in the United States, I am both disappointed and worried for the freedom of the press. It is one of the most important concepts enshrined in our Constitution. I have watched not only the President run roughshod over the press, but I have witnessed the Republican party grab onto his coattails to lie, to offer misinformation, to defame, and to endanger the press across this country and the world.

We should all remember the sacrifices made by journalists throughout the world, whether they’re covering politics, environment, culture, war zones, and any other subject. They deserve and have earned our admiration and our support.

UN’s Observance of Press Freedom Day

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[In honor and memory of all those journalists injured and killed while doing their jobs and getting the information to the public.]​

Journalism: Where Do We Go From Here?


​In recent days, as the Democratic field grows exponentially each day, we’ve seen a return to 2016 coverage by the media: Trump takes over every news cycle with new crazy, Bernie is in the lead, Buttigeig speaks eight languages, Elizabeth Warren’s unlikable, Kamala Harris is too hard, Amy Klobucher is too mean, ranch dressing, fried chicken, infer vs implied! Are the women ready? Too emotional? That’s almost sounds like a joke considering who we have in the Oval Office right now.

I saw a headline just this morning that Trump had a new nickname for Pete Buttigeig. How is that a headline for a news organization? Four reporters covered this story for the “news” organization! Have we learned nothing in the last two years?

Not to  mention that news anchors and pundits continue to drown us in whataboutism, false equivalency, and but both sides.

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Press Freedom Day


Today is Press Freedom Day. Now more than ever, we need to protect our access to news and world events from a free and independent press. Here are some links that should definitely spend some time today reading:

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