Mental Health Monday – Yes, You Read That Correctly


But it’s Thursday?

Yes, it’s Thursday, but it’s also Mental Health Monday.

With the end of May came the end of Mental Health Awareness Month, but our awareness of our mental health and struggles are ongoing. Along with that, our mental health checkups can happen on any day of the week and this is a good time to remind ourselves of that.

I’ve been absent a bit more than I’d like. Some of that is getting ready for graduation and planning my continuing education class for the fall as well as other commitments, but it is also coming back from my case of Covid. My turn in the barrel with covid was very mild by all metrics and standards, but it still knocked me out for a week. Now, I am contending with an almost ear infection – I say almost because it’s mainly fluid in my ear but it’s not getting better. I may need an antibiotic and I’m not thrilled with the idea, although I am happy for medicine that makes it all better.

Niagara Falls. New York.

So please, check up on your mental health. Randomly if that works for you, or schedule it on your calendar. Decide what ways you will check up on yourself and then follow through. If something seems off, call your doctor or therapist. Even though I’m miles better than when I was diagnosed, I still see my therapist once a month. It centers me, and gives me some things to concentrate on and work towards. It makes me think. What works for you?

Ask yourself how are you feeling?

Do you need a break?

Does journaling help you? Doodling?

If you’re struggling with tasks, I find that lists help me a lot.

If you’re struggling with hygiene, sometimes a schedule helps; a cell phone alarm perhaps.

You can use the same idea with eating.

Do you have a go-to? For me, it is sometimes mindless television, especially Supernatural reruns or any show with British accents. I find them soothing and calming for some unknown reason.

Music? Reading? If reading is too much concentration, look through your Facebook photos or a physical photo album.

Drink tea. (Or coffee, but I’d recommend decaf.)

Take a walk. Or a drive.

Get off of social media, especially Twitter. I love Twitter, but we all need a break.

Call someone.

Let me know your go-tos and we can share them with others. We’re in this together.

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