Writing Advice – Podcasts


The Write Life has compiled a list of 20 Inspiring Writing Podcasts to Subscribe to right now. I’d recommend giving them a try before subscribing, but it’s easy enough to unsubscribe if a particular podcast isn’t for you.

The one podcast I listen to on a regular basis is writer, Ann Kroeker’s Writing Coach. I use PlayerFM and I am very fond of their platform.

Look for a special bonus Writing Advice later on this afternoon to finish out the series!

2 thoughts on “Writing Advice – Podcasts

    • Ann Kroeker’s is very good because it’s accessible to every level of writer. She also includes a transcript (at least on my podcast forum – PlayerFM) to either follow along with or come back to. I’m finally catching up on my play later list and it happens to be about lists which I was just talking to someone about this morning. Depending on the topic, I’d say the pod ranges in time from just a few minutes (this one on lists) to up to an hour (for an interview).

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