Writing Advice BONUS: 25 Excuses Not to Write


One of the prompts in this season’s memoir writing workshop was to think about all of the excuses we make to NOT write; to avoid the writing that we love so much. This list is not all inclusive, but this is what came forward for me on this topic. What are some of your excuses not to write?

Excuses Not to Write

1. Well, technically, I’m writing right now, so there’s that.

2. Writing is hard. (Chuck Shurley, Supernatural, season 4/5)

3. Supernatural is finishing its broadcast run in one year, so I need to rewatch the entire fifteen year series. Right now.

4. I’m waiting for my water to boil.

5. My tea is too hot.

6. I spilled my tea, now I need to wash to table, my hands, and remake my tea.

7. I’m waiting for my water to boil.

8. My tea is too hot.

9. Something happened in the news.

10. Someone on the internet is wrong.

11. Did I read my prayer books this morning?

12. I should take a shower, then I will feel ready to write.

13. I’m hungry.

14. It’s almost time for the kids to get home; they will interrupt.

15. It won’t be that good, why bother?

16. What’s for dinner? I guess it’s time to get groceries.

17. Doctor’s appointment?

18. Is that National Grid calling again?

19. I can’t work at this messy table.

20. Candles or no candles? I can’t decide. Just forget it.

21. I should exercise. Who am I kidding; I’m not going to exercise. I’m not going to write either.

22. Reworking my homepage and my FAQ are the same as writing, aren’t they? What do you mean they’re not?

23. That book is due back at the library; I need to finish reading it now.

24. That podcast won’t listen to itself.

25. I don’t have a twenty-five, but I need to end the list on certain numbers: 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50…should I go to 50? No, no, I’m done. No more excuses. Although this writing assignment is finished, so I guess I can take a quick break now. Nap? Snack? Match 3 game? Eh, maybe all three.

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