December – Holiday Season – Quotation


“I personally gave up the Absolute…I fully believe in taking moral holidays.”

– William James

In looking for the perfect quotation for this last month of the year, I discovered this one. I don’t know the author, but I do know the sentiment. I am a strong proponent of needing and taking the mental health day when needed. If you find that you’re wanting to take one every day, there may be a deeper issue to address, but we all need a break, whether it’s from our work or our families or just our mundanity.

It’s a good chance to recharge those internal batteries, get a new perspective on life. REad a book. Go to the movies. Hit the coffee or tea shop.

My daughter’s birthday is the week after Christmas. Last year was the first time she asked if we could take down the tree before her birethday. I was not delicate at all. I did apologize, but I told her that the tree would always be up for her birthday. I offered her a day off from school. She loves school, so she was a little hesitant, but she liked the idea of a mental health day. We had a girls day (which is what she wanted). She chose the day, and her Dad and one brother joined us for an early dinner.

The point is it’s the minimum you can do for yourself, and then you’ll see that the world hasn’t fallen apart without you for a couple of hours, and all will be well.

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