The Eighth Night of Chanukah. (c)2017

Last night was the last night for Chanukah. We were kind of lapse this year due to schedules and not wanting to set fire to the dining room table where the mail was piled. As you can see, we worked around our clutter.

One of the traditions we have in this blended family is a small Chanukah. We light candles every night; some years we also light an electric menorah. The first night gets a present, usually a dreidl and gelt. Last night, the kids got a box of Chanukah cookies. It really depends on what our local stores have available for the year. It is feast or famine, although more likely famine. Some years we will do eight small gifts that could include pencils, stickers, a stuffed animal, or a book.

Dreidl and Gelt (chocolate coins) for Chanukah. (c)2017

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