11/12 – Prompt – Spiral Journaling


I was inspired by my friend’s tea cup which had an infinity spiral as part of the design at the bottom, and I have been drawing a lot of spirals lately from flowers to coffee steam swirls to spiritual incense, and Celtic spirals, so seeing the inside of the cup really stayed with me all day.

I drew it in my sketch pad, thinking that I’d do something with it later.

After my little adventure earlier in the week, I decided to do a little bullet journalling, but write it in the spiral using different colored pens.

I really liked it.

I mean, I really liked it.

I think I’m going to draw a few spirals and use one each day of my trip to wind down and remember the day while it’s fresh in my mind. At the end of the trip, I’ll have at least ten spirals and a neat little souvenir from my special trip.

The directions follow:

Left side, 1. Draw a spiral in pencil. 2. Choose your colors. 3. Outline your spiral in your favorite color.. Journal and add embellishments as the mood strikes you. Right side: Finished example. Use one color for bulleted thought or sentence. Add swirls in between thoughts or bullets. Have fun with it. Read the spiral for more direction and suggestions. (c)2017

And my completed one from Wednesday:

Spiral Journalling. Albany, New York. Concept and art by me. (c)2017

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