​I hadn’t anticipated being absent for so long. I had several writing assignments on my calendar, and then life and a small, but insistent case of writer’s block decided that I would not be present online. I’ve also been a little worn down from what’s been going on in Washington, DC. Some days it’s just too much. We all need a breather sometimes.

I had intended to catch up Thursday, but on Thursday night, in the middle of my daughterr’s spring concert for chorus, the power went out after a flickering of lights that she put off to the “ghost” at school. The thunder was actually very quiet so it was something of a surprise, but the lightning was fierce.They finished the concert sans microphones with the light of the audience’s cell phones.Technolody at its best.

As we were leaving my middle son drew my attention to a bright and beautiful rainbow. As I took a photo of it, my camera flashed. I hadn’t realized that my flash was on. Well, it wasn’t. That was the lightning. I needed to retake the picture.

A rainbow. G-d’s covenant with Noah. (c)2017

The power was out from about 8pm Thursday until just after 11am on Friday, or so my husband informs me. My phone died on the way to my Diocesan conference, so it was off and charging for most of the morning. As of this writing, it is still not finished.

This is our road closed overnight. A tree went down on our street affecting the school and the rest of the neighborhood. I was kind of surprised at how many of my neighbors have generators. We could hear them whirring as we drove by. (c)2017

The conference is spiritual, educational, and exhausting. It is also exhilarating and motivating, and breathtakingly inspirational. I’ve only been able to attend two of the three days this year, but my son graduated from community college earlier in the day on Thursday. His associate’s degree is in applied science; his concentration in fire protection technology. He’s taking the fall off from school, but will continue to work his EMT job and volunteer as a firefighter, and then continue school in the spring. We’re in NY so we are very lucky that undergraduate degrees for non-degreed candidates will be tuition free beginning in the fall. I think my husband may consider going back ot school, although I don’t think he’s thought much about it with our kids getting ready to continue – the two little ones will both be in the middle school.

Every time I go to one of these, whether they be writing, fandom, or spiritual/religious, my bag is way too heavy. Unfortunately, as I’ve been keeping a list of what I use, I have found that I use about 95% of it. I need a real bag of holding that is weightless.

My lilacs have finally bloomed. I will share them here tomorrow.

Next week will continue to be busy – the end of the school year is the worst…until the beginning of the next one, but I’m planning on implementing some time management techniques and use some of the things I’ve learned from the conference, the spring enrichment.

Have a wonderful weekend, and I will join you all again tomorrow.

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