Fall Television, Mondays, and October


I mentioned last week that I was out of town, and so I missed a few days here. My plan for the fall is to have new posts Monday through Friday, and see how that schedule goes for me, as, a writer and you, the reader. I’ll be putting up a poll later to see which of those daily features you’d like me to continue this season.

Each week, I have tried to choose a theme and keep it in mind to focus on. October is one of those extremely busy months in actual activities in my life, and monthly awareness in the world. World Mental Health Day was just a few days ago. October recognizes awareness and celebrations of:

Breast Cancer
Domestic Violence
Fire Prevention and Safety
LGBT History
Black History in the UK
Pregnancy and Infant Loss
The Holy Rosary

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day and today is Columbus Day in the US, Thanksgiving in Canada, and Day of the Race in Mexico.

October is also ridiculously busy for me with family fun and stuff going on at the schools with fall festivals, back to school nights, recreation nights, eight week writing workshop, applepicking, my son’s birthday, Halloween, and this year, our school district celebrated its Centennial.


For me, annually I have some difficulty in October which is why I tend to travel (in the odd years as it turns out) and in recent years, when I can’t afford or make traveling work, I take myself on retreat. I think there are so many good things going on in October, and the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah has just passed; it’s all new and shiny and full of possibilities, but it’s also a little overwhelming and it feeds my anxiety.

Eleven years ago my middle son was born. He was named after my father who had died the year before. He was needy. Not in a bad way, just in a baby way. I was well on my way to a post partum depression that I wouldn’t recognize until eight years later. When he was just about eight weeks old, my mother died suddenly. After that October 12 until December 8 was a weight that I never saw until someone else saw it for me. That is one of the reasons I list in October (keep lists), and I write and go on retreat.

Usually this works out to a writing retreat where I spend the daytime hours out and about at different places being inspired and getting re-energized; recharged. Last year it turned into more of a spiritual retreat. Next week is going to be a mix of both writing and reflection.

It seems to almost always fall during the week of the 18th. This year is no exception. As it stands now that week is shaping up so far to include a day at the Dominican Retreat Center, my church’s anointing mass for healing, my writing class, a second visit to the North American Martyrs shrine (whose feast day is also next week) plus a little mundanity like a flu shot for my husband and me.

I wanted to talk and write this week about fandom. It is the fall TV premiere week, although now television shows’ premieres are all over the place. It used to be that you could set your calendars and clocks by the fall schedule.  Everything started the same week. It was all very predictable.

Now, there are more than three major networks. In our house, in fact, we watch more television on non-major channels. Our shows, in order of premiere (and network) are:

Doctor Who (BBC/BBC America)
Gotham (FOX)
The Flash (CW)
iZombie (CW)
Arrow (CW)
Supernatural (CW)
The Walking Dead (AMC)
Talking Dead (AMC)
Comic Book Men (AMC)
Sense8 (Netflix)

On Disney, my kids like Liv & Maddie, Gravity Falls, and Jessie (which is ending its series this year).

We would be watching SuperGirl too on CBS but for some reason CBS has put it on opposite Gotham, which is basically the same audience. I don’t know what they’re thinking over at CBS.

We also watch The Daily Show, Late Night with Stephen Colbert, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, but we watch those online when we do watch them.

Overall, this year so far has left me with mixed feelings. The Flash and Arrow premieres were slow going, and with Arrow, their way of storytelling through flashbacks can be confusing. I really liked Supernatural and The Walking Dead (which also used flashbacks in its premiere), but they both need a rewatch before their next episodes so I can properly meta them or at least give them each a short review.

The rest of this week will be spent on fandom posts, posts about some of my favorite shows and reviews, how bringing fandom into your “normal” life is the new normal, and where you might find some of my fandom writing that doesn’t always appear here.

What shows are you most looking forward to this fall season?
Answer in the comments.

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