Pope Francis, Year Two


Today is the second anniversary of Pope Francis’ election as the 266th Pope. When he was elected, I had already been attending Mass for just about one year. I knew by then that in a few months I’d start the weekly classes that would teach me all about the rituals and history of the Catholic Church; all the things I’d need to know; all the things I’d need to learn; all the little things I’d need to do.

I was calm and confident in my new direction. I remember one of the things that I was saying two years ago was how excited and happy I was to be joining the church under this new Pope. It was like we were comrades, joining at the same time. Of course he wasn’t joining; he was moving into a new role, but it still felt like we were connected somehow. I didn’t know anything about him and Papal politics was the one political party I didn’t follow, but upon his election I started hearing some things about him.

He sounded wonderful and in the two years of his leadership and guidance the church is coming back to its roots of following in the footsteps of Jesus, leading by doing, reminding people of his message – to help the poor, to care for the sick, to forgive your enemies; to love your neighbor.

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