Solitude appears in many places and are as different for each person as the people themselves. As much as the Lenten season is a group activity in that all Catholics do it at the same time, it is very much a solitary effort for each of us:

– what we give up for Lent, what we add, if and when we fast, abstaining from meat on Fridays, how and how often we do penance and ask for reconciliation, what we share for charity, how often we pray, and where our individual journeys take us.

Lent is forty days of solitude, of just us and G-d, our thoughts and prayers, our priorities and our choices on our crossroads as we meet them.

Solitude is the quiet inside no matter how much the outside noise is raging.

Solitude is the thought of doing better, being better, offering kindness where there is none or more where there is not enough.

Solitude is random, and comes in the shadows, in the light, and in the in-betweens.

Solitude is the thinking space, the quiet within the quiet.

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