REPOST: Rec – Verdigris – A Play by Jim Beaver



As part of my salute to fandom week, I’m switching up Thursday’s Weekly Recommendation to post today. I am so excited to be able to promote this (and I’ll be reposting it a couple of more times this week and next until they reach their goal.)

This is a kickstarter to raise the funds needed for Verdigris to be performed March 13 though April 19, 2015 at Theatre West in Los Angeles, CA.

Verdigris was written by Jim Beaver and previously performed by Theatre West in 1985 with Maureen Stapleton in the leading role. It was the winner of the Los Angeles Dramalogue Critics Award for Playwriting and a finalist for Actors Theatre of Louisville Great American Play Contest.

jim beaver

Jim is well known from his roles in Deadwood and Supernatural. He is also a film historian and his memoir, Life’s That Way about his wife, Cecily’s cancer diagnosis and their daughter’s autism diagnosis shows the heartbreak and the faith and love that this man has for his family. He’s a good soul who’s all heart. (Full disclosure if it wasn’t apparent: I’m a fan.)

Theatre West – for information and to support their other projects

To support Verdigris through their Kickstarter (there are only 16 days to go, and the minimum pledge is $1 – let’s help them out!)

If you want to connect with Jim on Facebook, he speaks his mind and offers insight on whatever’s on it. Follow here.

Prompt: Fan Fiction as Prompt


Fan fiction sounds like a relatively new phenomenon, but the reality is that transformative fiction has been around as long as there have been stories to tell. Some examples include Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Bible stories, and Wicked. For some reason, we as a society don’t categorize these (and others) as fan works, fan fiction or transformative fiction.

Granted there’s a legality with copyright, but I’m confident that this will adapt with the times and the movement towards more mainstream idea/world/’verse sharing.

What is the true difference between fan fiction and literary adaptation? Money? Unions? Those of us who engage in this type of writing know it’s not love or respect of the original work.

This literary movement will continue moving forward and with online becoming so prevalent in most of our lives, this “trend” that’s not really a trend isn’t going away but developing and growing and authors should get used to it and join the ever expanding interpretative and interactionary world that encompasses their fan base, not as their equals but somewhat as their collaborators, seeing the big picture through a new set of eyes.

Keeping this in mind, today’s prompt has to do with transformative works. Three prompts to choose from:

If you could change the ending of any fictional book (that you loved), which one would it be and how would you change it?

Which loved character would you bring back from the dead and how?

Your favorite TV show was just cancelled. What plot line would you like them to follow when they bring it back because of all the fan clamoring?

Week 45/14 Review (plus blog care)


Beginning on Monday, there is going to be a few extra posts as I set up my new index. I apologize for the extra notifications you will receive with these posts. I’m also going to revamp my Facebook Page.

Hopefully, this will make it easier for everyone to find their favorite pieces or search for ones they  might have missed.

Thanks for your patience.



Prompt: What’s the best thing you do for yourself?

Photo: Recycling…

QuotationBy recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands –your own. – Mark Victor Hansen

Rec: MediSafe App


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Rec – MediSafe App


I’ve been using the MediSafe App for about six months. It is really genius. It helps me keep track of my medicine, when I take it, when I skip it (I sometimes skip the supplements, but never the prescriptions). It’s especially great if you take medication for chronic conditions and can also keep track of when you need refills.

You can also add a third party notifier, which is great for people with memory problems.

It will let you add doses for when you take Tylenol for a headache and that way keep track of ‘as needed’ medications.

It has other features that I haven’t even looked into yet because I was trying out the alarm function first.

I’m not sure how I managed my medication before this!