Resources for Travel


AAA – I used to say that if you had a car or traveled by car, you needed AAA, but it really is so much more than for car travel. With membership, they have tour books and maps for free. They have travel agents that can help you plan your trip and reserve your flights and hotels. Some places also have car repair/maintenance shops. Not to mention the discounts on stores and attractions. When I’m in my home area, I always forget to ask for these and often the museums are buy one get one admission free or 10% off in the gift shop. There is also a discount at Payless Shoe Source among many other retailers. It’s defintiiely worth the annual membership fee.

Smartphone/Tablet Apps – In one trip, I will use the map app, the weather app, Facebook messenger, my banking app, browser to look up attractions and check out local news for information. Don’t let naysayers say that technology is bad for us; it is more useful than not and saves countless hours of time in research and planning.

Notebook/Journal app – I tend to use Evernote or Office Suite for my travel notes to use later in my writings.

Travel Hacks – great tips for traveling

Check out the free travel section on Kindle E-books.

Traveler Restaurant – I haven’t personally been there but I’ve heard great things about this place.

What is your go-to resource when you travel? Share below.