Supernatural Lists: Special Episodes


This is part of an ongoing series in homage to the series finale of Supernatural, ending its run with its fifteenth season. The first of these lists was Characters Who’ve Died and Come Back. This new list include some of the more special episodes they’ve shown over the years: black and white, musical, meta. If I’ve left any out, please add them in comments and I’ll include them in a later update. Supernatural returns to The CW network on Thursday, January 16 at 8 P.M.



1. A Very Supernatural Christmas [3]
Like a special programming start

2. Baby [11]
told from Baby’s POV

3. Bitten [8]
different perspective

4. Changing Channels [5]
Gabriel, meta

5. Clap Your Hands if You [6]
The X-Files style opening

6. Criss Angel is a Douchebag [4]

7. Dog Dean Afternoon [9]
Dean can talk to dogs (and other animals)

8. Fan Fiction [10]
200th episode, musical, meta

9. Frontierland [6]
Bonanza style opening, time travel, western

10. Ghostfacers [3]
riff on ghosthunter internet/TV shows

11. Hammer of the Gods [5]

12. Hunteri Heroci [8]
think Bugs Bunny

13. It’s a Terrible Life [4]
AU, It’s a Wonderful Life

14. Just My Imagination [11]
Sam’s imaginery friend (among others)

15. Lebanon [14]
300th episode, return of John Winchester

16. Live Free or Twihard [6]
mocking of Twilight

17. Mint Condition [14]
comic store/action figures

18. Monster Movie [4]
black & white ep w/Dracula movie stylings

19. My Heart will Go On [6]
the Titanic never sinks

20. Mystery Spot [3]
Dean dies. A lot.

21. Scoobynatural [13]
Crossover, animated

22. The Monster at the End of this Book [4]
Supernatural is a series of books

23. The Real Ghostbusters [5]
Supernatural fan convention

24. The Usual Suspects [2]

25. Wayward Sisters [13]
Jody’s Home for Wayward Hunters (Daughters)

26. Yellow Fever [4]
video of Jensen lip-syncing Eye of the Tiger at the end

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