Elijah Cummings of Baltimore, MD


​Every morning, I turn on my Kindle and check the news, the headlines to see what I need to look deeper into. This morning, Mike gave a little gasp and blurted out that Elijah Cummings died. I was stunned. Saddened. Shocked. I did not turn on my KIndle. I did not want to see it on my own; wanting to keep it not true for a little longer. I’ll leave it to better writers than I at the New York Times and The Washington Post or his hometown, Baltimore Sun to offer his obituary, but I had a few feels to share.

Elijah Cummings died this morning.

His loss will be felt by the entire country. His quiet, tireless work for us all is silenced and will be noticeable for some time.

There will not be another like him for a very long time.

Whether you agreed with his political opinions and beliefs, he was always kind. He worked FOR the American people his entire career.
He was honest and thoughtful.

He looked ahead at how his decisions affected all people, not just in the immediate future, but years and decades down the line when he wouldn’t be around to personally reap the reward.

I admired him. I trusted him as the chairman of Oversight. I knew he would listen to all sides and judge fairly. I knew he would be fair because one thing he was known for was his fairness to everyone.

He was a friend to everyone, and lived his life simply, showing what he believed in through his actions.

May he rest in power and peace. His work is finished, ours is just beginning.

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