Travel – Picture Preview


These are a few of the random images I wanted to share as a little preview to upcoming stories while they tell their own story. Honestly, so many stories. It was wonderful in so many ways.

A t-shirt I saw right before our vacation. (Source: Target) (c)2019

This one caught my camera’s eye, but there were several of these utility boxes similarly decorated throughout Rochester, NY. This was on our way to the Mount Hope Cemetery. (c)2019

My first bit(e) of Tim Horton’s. This is some kind of raspberry slushie. I usually don’t take on this much sugar, but I wanted both a pastry and a drink from this gas station Tim Horton’s. Believe it or not, we actually didn’t get to Tim Horton’s all that much; mainly because we had free breakfast at our main hotel. (c)2019

Sunrise view from our fourth floor hotel room in the Clifton Hill area of Niagara Falls, Canada. That is the ferris wheel and other attractions on the Midway. (c)2019

THE Stanley Cup at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada. I have seen the Stanley Cup a fair few times in my life. I can’t recall if I was able to touch it at the NY Islanders victory parade, but I do know that in the old Hockey Hall of Fame, the Stanley Cup was under glass. Still exciting, but out of reach. This time, I was able to touch it, find my team (NY Rangers) engraved on the cup, and stand in awe of this simple, yet magnificent trophy. (c)2019

The sitting area of our hotel room. This was one of the features of the room that let the five of us (three adults and two teenagers) be together while also giving us our own space when we needed it. This was one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed at. I will be writing a separate post/review of this Hampton Inn and Suites near the Toronto Pearson Airport in Toronto, Canada. (c)2019

My breakfast waffle on our second morning. This was included in our complementary breakfast, which really reduces the overall cost of the hotel room. For foodies, my waffle includes butter, drizzled raspberry sauce, small dollop of whipped cream. *Chef’s kiss* (c)2019

The look up the escalator in the Brookfield Place after entering from the parking garage. Highly recommend this parking garage, shopping centre. The Hockey Hall of Fame is right there when you exit the parking elevator. Street level is very convenient to many other attractions and sights, including a great view of the CN Tower. (c)2019

I was lucky to get this blurry picture when I realized it was a cat walking on a chair, suspended on a lightpole. No, it is not a real cat; at least it was stationary while we were stuck at the traffic light. I believe this was in one of the Chinatowns judging by the characters on the signage, but i’d have to check my maps to know for sure. (c)2019

This Wall-E cousin is actually a litter bin. It is for both litter and recycling. The public system of Canadian trash and recycling is impressive. Our experience at The Ex (Canadian National Exhibition) was a guide on each table with three differently colored bins nearby and all throughout the Food Building. More simply there was trash AND recycling receptacles everywhere. It became second nature to separate our “trash” in public spaces. (c)2019


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