Dr. Ford and Justice for All


​I’ve spent a lot more time thinking about these past two weeks than I normally would for a political rant, so maybe this isn’t exactly a rant or a venting, although the smoke is spiraling out of my ears, nostrils, and hair follicles and just like in the cartoons, I can hear the whistling.
To start, I want to state unequivocally that I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s Judiciary Committee testimony in its entirety. Anyone who doubts her memory didn’t watch the testimony. She was incredibly careful and was clear to clarify her statements, and to say she didn’t know or didn’t remember if that was the case. She didn’t lose her temper or her composure despite the biased, some stupid questions from the Arizona prosecutor that the Judiciary Republicans hired (Senate Majority Leader McConnell called her a female assistant) because they couldn’t be human or decent to Dr. Ford.

If you, like Senator Susan Collins (ME), and all of the Republican men in the Senate (and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV)) believe that something happened to her, but that it must have been someone else or that she misremembered it, you are simply accepting a narrative that allows you to welcome a blackout drunk, attempted sexual assaulter onto the Supreme Court. It also brings into a right wing conspiracy theory fomented by Judge Kavanaugh’s friend.

You can’t say that you believe Dr. Ford, and at the same time selectively disbelieve parts of her testimony. It doesn’t work like that. That is the coward’s way.

There are many ways to believe Dr. Ford and still have voted yes on Kavanaugh’s nomination: by admitting you’re a partisan, that you don’t care about the attempted sexual assault, and/or you would do anything to get “your guy” on the Supreme Court are all honest reasons. You could even say it happened too long ago to be relevant.

I’m more concerned about the many of you partisans that overlooked his decade of lying to the Senate during his various confirmation hearings about a plethora of things, and that he continued to lie about during this confirmation hearing. Senator Leahy’s (VT) stolen emails. Trying to smarm his way out of Senator Kamala Harris’s (CA) questions about if he had talked about the Mueller investigation with anyone but especially at the Kasowitz (Trump’s personal attorney) law firm. His close friend works and has worked for many years at that law firm she mentioned. I’m not a judge and I’ve spoken to many, many people about the Mueller investigation. My point? He lied about stupid, insignificant things. Very much like his benefactor, or new quid pro quo partner, President Trump.

I’m more concerned about the many of you who were okay with his partisanship, yelling about Clinton conspiracies, his condescension and disrespect towards the Democratic senators, and his temperament.

I’m concerned about the many of you who were okay with his denying an immigrant teenager, held in US custody, a legal abortion, and that he tried to delay it until it would have been too late for her, forcing her to complete her pregnancy after her rape. Maybe seventeen year old Kavanaugh isn’t completely gone.

I’m concerned about the many of you that didn’t even heed Senator Mitch McConnell’s warning that Kavanaugh would be the most difficult judge to push through and the President should choose someone else. He had an entire list of Federalist Society conservative choices.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t vote for the Federalist Society, so I’m a little concerned about their making decisions for my government, but I’m sure you’d feel the same way as you do using them if I outsourced this task to the ACLU and NARAL.


You wouldn’t?

I’m shocked. Shocked, I say.

For now, it’s done. Judge Kavanaugh is now Justice Kavanaugh. He’s best friends with President Trump, and he has a great job, great government salary, security guards, also government funded, and his life is ruined, or so I’m told.

On the other hand, Dr. Ford still can’t go home because despite the protest-voters’ and the right’s screeching that both sides are the same, they are not. The right collects their guns like jelly beans, more’s better, many wear swastikas and traitor’s battle flags. They show up armed, and they run people down in the streets. They promise a second civil war. They chant blood and soil and their white supremacy is out in the open.

But both sides, blah, blah, blah.

The right are still threatening Dr. Ford with death, as well as her family, she can’t go home, she can’t go to work. She doesn’t have government funded security. Her life hasn’t been the same since that summer in 1982. Listen to her talk about having two front doors.

And now, as if all of that wasn’t enough, the President, the fucking President of the United States comes out, first mocking her, and then says the whole thing was a hoax, that she’s evil, and that it was created by the Democrats. This wasn’t even at a rally; it was to reporters at the White House. His mindless drones will believe him because the media refuses to call him out on his lies and his dangerous rhetoric; his incitement to violence. His press secretary will continue to lie for him. And Congressional Republicans will continue their march to greed until their footprints are imprinted on the backs of the rest of us, including Trump voters who were fooled by the con man in the White House.

Democrats sustain boycotts, and support those that support us. Democrats believe in equality for all, and that includes those on the right even if they don’t think we’re equal. We support, not only freedom OF religion, but freedom FROM religion. We pledge allegiance to the same flag as those on the right, and we know that the First Amendment is FIRST for a reason. It’s the one that makes all the other ones possible. We’ve lost sight of that. Support peaceful protests, support a free press (go to the Committee to Protect Journalists) and voting rights for all citizens (Vote Save America).

Look at your families. Who is the person in your family who gets shit done? Women. We do what’s best for our families even if it’s not best for us. We do it quietly. It often goes unnoticed. No more. Like Ginger Rogers, we do everything a man does, except backwards and in high heels (Bob Thaves, 1982).

Grab an oar and a lifejacket.

There’s a blue wave coming and it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

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