February: Reflection: Lenten Project


A twisty, turny path, bridge over a stream to what? [Glenarrif, Northern Ireland] (c)2018

I’ve been toying over the last couple of months with one or two ideas for writing projects. One of those is a daily devotional. As I’ve developed it and made notes on it, I thought I would take a shot at a Lent devotional.

Parishes across the country, mine included share small booklets as a way to remind us of the ways to make Lent a special, prayerful time. It is a way for parishes to give everyone a tool and then let individuals personalize it. As a writer, I tend to write a reflection based on the suggested meditation or I’ll sit with a cup of tea, the scent of a lit candle filling the space.  The best way to feel all of what Lent means to you and what you and G-d mean to each other is to explore through all five senses.

This is what I’m attempting to do.

I’m calling this devotional Sundays in Lent. I’ll post a major piece on Sunday and then add to it throughout the week. Every day should offer something new to add to your Lenten experience. At the end of the week, you can look back and use Saturday to get ready for the next week as we move closer to Easter. I want it to easily incorporate with and mesh with your already planned Lenten observation. Look for the first installment on Sunday, using the tag, sundays in lent and devotional.

Lent is a commitment. Whether it’s giving something up, taking something on, continuing down a path or beginning a new one, it is a time to reflect, to pray, and to improve. Today it begins.

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