The Fall TV Season Returns!


Warning for minor spoilers from both last season and shows that have already aired this season.​

The fall TV season is coming in. Our family’s viewing began on Sunday with The Orville and Fear the Walking Dead. I have to admit – I was disappointed with Fear the Walking Dead. It was somewhat predictable. I think Jake signed his death warrant by caving to Taqa. Giving him the key to the armory was stupid. It won’t keep the peace. Am I the only one who can’t stand Madison? I feel like I’m only watching it for Colman Domingo. Victor Strand is the only character I find compelling. And unpredictable. Please sound off in the comments.

Wednesday was Supernatural Day, at least according to retailers selling their merchandise. It’s the anniversary of the pilot episode’s premiere in 2005. Supernatural comes back for their 13th season on October 12. If their 13th episode isn’t somehow related to The Munsters, I will be sorely disappointed in them as pop culture reference icons and will personally take away their Easter egg crown.

Star Trek: Discovery with Harry Potter alumnus Jason Isaacs and The Walking Dead alumnus Sonequa Martin-Green premieres Sunday, September 24. She’s perfect, I think. I’ve watched her for years on The Walking Dead and more recently on social media, and she’s just a great fit for the Star Trek family, and more than capable of carrying a show as a lead. I don’t know how the All Access subscription is going to work for CBS. I grew up on Star Trek; I’ve watched every iteration, and unfortunately, and I hate to admit it, I won’t be paying for the app. It’s just too much with everything else our family has obligations for. We’ll support it in any other way we can. I also think that setting it up as an app only program after the initial pilot is CBS setting it up for failure, and that’s sad for growing Star Trek to a new generation of viewers and fans.

Will & Grace – what can I say? Perfection. Times four. Can’t wait for this one. Its limited run begins on September 28 at 9pm.

Speechless… From the cast to the subject matter to the everyday things families find funny, I am never disappointed by this show. I’ve heard from people who have special needs kids and professionals with special needs kids, and everyone loves this show! September 27 at 8:30.

The CW returns with our DC favorites in October – Columbus Day for Supergirl. I think as a family, however we’re most looking forward to The Flash. They have such a great cast, a wide range of interconnecting storylines, a breadth of character ages; something for everyone. We look forward to this weekly and except for The Walking Dead, this is the one show that we gather together as a family to watch and enjoy.

Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow left us with cliffhangers that all need to be addressed.

Sadly, it’s been confirmed that we’ve said our final goodbyes to Mark Sheppard (Crowley on Supernatural) and John Barrowman (Merlyn on Arrow). Fortunately for the fans, they can both be found at a variety of cons and both have a strong online presence. Click links to find their respective Instagrams.

What a great way last year for The Walking Dead to end its season! Shiva! Rick – you’re all already dead! The three leaders joining forces – Maggie, Rick, and King Ezekiel. Will Maggie’s baby be born in season 8? Will Father Gabriel survive Negan’s wrath over his deception about Maggie? Will Eugene survive the Alexandrians’ wrath? And if he does, what about Rosita’s? So many questions to be answered, and season 8 begins its first episode with its 100th series episode.

What an epic milestone!

And of course, Major Crimes returns October 31st at 9pm on TNT.

What are your favorite shows?

Which ones are you waiting on the edge of your seat for this season?

Let us know in the comments.

One thought on “The Fall TV Season Returns!

  1. I am a sucker for certain genres… I love and feel no shame for loving (despite their violence) NCIS, NCIS LA, Criminal Minds, and Criminal Minds, Beyond Borders Those are my main junk food shows to DVR.

    I also love love love Call The Midwife. Different genre for sure!

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